Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Pictures and Fifteen Month Photo Shoot

This weekend we finally got around to taking Paxton's 15 month pictures and some family pictures too. We have been putting it off because it has been so hot here, but now we're a week into Paxton's 16th month so we really had to get on it.

It was 104 by 10:00, but we pushed through.

A few family shots:

Some pictures with Mommy:

It was funny because his pictures with Jared were all filled with tickling and wrestling and chasing, but with me he was much calmer and a little bit cuddly.

High five:

Pictures with Daddy:

Daddy kisses:



And some individual shots of our TODDLER!

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  1. These are precious!! He looks like such a big kid in that last one. And I love his polo and khakis- Very grown up. Also, you look fantastic! Can't wait to see you guys!