Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Last weekend was our annual Texas trip for the OU/Texas game. 

Porter started out the trip in good spirits. 
We made it to our hotel around 5 and the boys loved running around and playing. They love hotels. Then it was time to meet up with the Thompson's. We headed to their house and got to meet Baby Breck for the first time! We walked to the clubhouse and had dinner. The boys and Blakely played cornhole and hit some balls and caught crickets while Tabatha and I caught up and snuggled Breck. 
At 9:00, the boys started getting irrational and we knew it was time for bed. They took showers in the coolest hotel shower ever and Porter decided he is too big for the pack and play and he was sleeping with us. We were all asleep by 10:00. The next morning, Jared ran and got donuts and we loaded up and checked out. We went to the Thompson's house to watch the game and cook out. Blakely and Paxton played together perfectly all afternoon. 
When the game was over and Porter woke up, we went to a fall festival. It was so hot and crowded that we ended up leaving almost immediately. The kids were disappointed so we treated them to their favorite, Chick-Fil-A. 

After dinner and ice cream and playing in the play place, it was time for us to hit the road. 

We had a fun time with our best friends and we're always so glad they let us come and hang out with them. It's one of my favorite traditions!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break

I think we took full advantage of our first official school vacation. Thursday morning, we took it easy. We watched a show in bed and ate breakfast when we were ready. Then we got ready to go to Moore for a play date with the Taylor's! Paxton and Addi Claire play so nicely together and Ellie and Porter just run around and drag stuff out. It's always nice to hang out with them. 

On our way home, Jared called and said he was leaving Norman and had a few minutes to meet for lunch. Since we were so close, we met up with him for lunch (the boys' second lunch) at Old School Bagel. While we were in Norman, I had to swing by Classic's and get a Diet Coke with Gummy Bears. Paxton picked a purple slush and Porter picked a chocolate milkshake and Jared thought I was crazy when I suggested it, but he ended up loving his Coke with Sour Patch Kids. Porter was finished with his shake by the time we dropped Jared back off at his car and both boys were asleep 15 minutes into the car ride home. I completed a successful car nap to house nap transfer on both boys which is totally unheard of and I had some very rare time to myself! 

Paxton was up after 45 minutes and got some kitty snuggles. 
It was so nice outside, so we headed out. Porter gave Cereal a ride in the truck and Jared came home! We grilled out and ate dinner outside. 
Friday morning, the boys slept in a little and we had another lazy morning. We got ready in time to meet Jared for our weekly lunch downtown. Porter wanted to sit by Daddy and it was adorable. 
Friday night means pizza and a movie and since it's October, we're trying Halloween movies. The boys like to watch movies that they've watched 100 times already so Nightmare Before Christmas didn't last long. 

Saturday morning, we told Paxton we were getting ready for breakfast and he requested Johnnie's. Can't argue with that. 
We stopped at Hobby Lobby to "look at scarecrows" and shop for more Halloween decorations. The boys were super excited to see Christmas stuff. 
Porter had been asking to go to the park for a few days, and it is much easier to tackle that with two parents, so Saturday morning was perfect. We tried a new park that Porter and I found duringPaxton's  school one day and we loved it. 
The boys played for over an hour and then noticed that there was a creek with a walking trail and quickly demanded a walk. 
I don't think they ever were going to be ready to leave, but it was definitely lunch time and getting close to OU kickoff so we bribed them with stickers and riding bikes at home. 

After naps, Porter and I ran to Aldi to get ingredients for Smores while Jared and Paxton watched football in the backyard and played. 
After dinner, Jared started a fire in the fire pit and we made Smores. 
Sunday morning, it was the perfect day for the Omniplex. We had a late breakfast and a late start and planned on only staying for about an hour and then getting some lunch. The boys had other plans. They ran around and played for 2.5 hours and were still not slowing down. Finally, Porter started crying over ridiculous things and we knew nap time was getting close. 
We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and then took an exhausted Porter home for a nap. 

We had a relaxing evening and Jared and Pax ran to the grocery store together while Porter and I watched a movie. We had dinner and put our tired boys to bed. 

This morning, Paxton said he just wanted to play all day and since Brooks was here, I thought that sounded perfect. Grammy brought us donuts and the boys have been eating and playing all day.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch!

The forecast for Saturday showed that it would be a perfect fall day. We thought it would be a great day for the pumpkin patch. When I was checking the website to find out what time it opened, I saw that Saturday morning, the pumpkin patch was having Touch a Truck! I knew it would be a perfect combination for the P's. 

Paxton has totally mastered the art of manipulation, so when he woke up hungry for Johnnie's breakfast on Saturday morning, he asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant for breakfast. I told him we should check with Daddy and see what he wanted to do. He ran into the other room and told Jared "Mommy said she wants to go to Johnnie's. Is that ok?" Then without waiting for an answer, Paxton ran back to me and said "Daddy said he wants to go to Johnnie's!" I was cracking up because I could hear the whole thing...and to reward him for his excellent manipulation skills, and because Johnnie's breakfast always hits the spot, we went. 

After breakfast, it was time for pumpkins!
The boys were so excited to ride the pumpkin train. 
By the time they came back around, Porter was sobbing and the kid in the car with them looked horrified. Porter kept asking "Mommy, where did you go while I was in the train?" Poor kid. 

It was nothing that finding a perfect pumpkin couldn't fix. 
Porter even tried crowd surfing across the pumpkins. 
As fun as the pumpkins were, the trucks were their favorite part. 
This policeman built loyalty with Paxton by letting him turn on the flashing lights. Then he asked him if he had ever seen the flashing lights in Mommy and Daddy's rear view mirror. 
The OG&E truck was a big hit because the guy was giving away hats and candy. And Paxton wanted to go up in the huge bucket. 
It was such a fun morning! And we always like supporting Wings instead of a pumpkin patch that is all for profit. 


Well...it happened. I left my 20s on Friday. It happened despite all my efforts to slow time down and stay in my 20s for at least 3 more years. At least I went out in style, surrounded by love and some pretty great presents. 

Friday morning, I woke up to a warm breakfast of McDonald's sausage McMuffin and iced coffee and a homemade present. Jared and the boys made me a big frame to hang my favorite Instagram pictures on. 
Porter and I had a normal morning while Paxton was at school, and when we picked him up, we headed downtown to eat lunch with Jared. I picked Louie's because you can't go wrong there. 

Jared and Porter matched. 

The boys and I headed home for rest time, and Jared came home a little early. He and the boys made me a cake and I got to open the rest of my presents. They went with a homemade theme this year and made me 2 more decorations and a necklace hanger out of driftwood from the James River in Richmond (one of our favorite family memories). 
And then we got ready for dinner. Jared invited both sides of the family and I picked the rooftop patio at Flat Tire. 
Porter got to sit by baby Brooks for the first time. They both loved it. 
After dinner, they brought us out Smores. Paxton was too busy playing with his aunts to participate but Porter loved eating the chocolate and setting the marshmallows on fire. 
On the way out, the same live musician that had let Paxton play drums last one was there. Paxton walked over to see him and once again, he invited him to play the drums. 

On Saturday night, we met up with our friends Justin and Jessie for dinner and Trapped while the boys stayed with Granny V. We ate at Charleston's and it didn't disappoint. Then it was time for Trapped. Another couple had signed up for our time slot at the last second, so they joined us...but we ended up escaping in record time. The room had an 18% success rate but we got out and set the new record! 
We had a blast!

Sunday morning, we heard whispering coming from the living room and then Pax said "Porter hurry before Mommy comes or we'll get in trouble". So I went in to find them eating the icing off my birthday cake....it has happened twice since then. I guess they think they made a pretty delicious cake. 
It was a pretty epic birthday and I was so appreciative of everyone who celebrated with me!