Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch!

The forecast for Saturday showed that it would be a perfect fall day. We thought it would be a great day for the pumpkin patch. When I was checking the website to find out what time it opened, I saw that Saturday morning, the pumpkin patch was having Touch a Truck! I knew it would be a perfect combination for the P's. 

Paxton has totally mastered the art of manipulation, so when he woke up hungry for Johnnie's breakfast on Saturday morning, he asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant for breakfast. I told him we should check with Daddy and see what he wanted to do. He ran into the other room and told Jared "Mommy said she wants to go to Johnnie's. Is that ok?" Then without waiting for an answer, Paxton ran back to me and said "Daddy said he wants to go to Johnnie's!" I was cracking up because I could hear the whole thing...and to reward him for his excellent manipulation skills, and because Johnnie's breakfast always hits the spot, we went. 

After breakfast, it was time for pumpkins!
The boys were so excited to ride the pumpkin train. 
By the time they came back around, Porter was sobbing and the kid in the car with them looked horrified. Porter kept asking "Mommy, where did you go while I was in the train?" Poor kid. 

It was nothing that finding a perfect pumpkin couldn't fix. 
Porter even tried crowd surfing across the pumpkins. 
As fun as the pumpkins were, the trucks were their favorite part. 
This policeman built loyalty with Paxton by letting him turn on the flashing lights. Then he asked him if he had ever seen the flashing lights in Mommy and Daddy's rear view mirror. 
The OG&E truck was a big hit because the guy was giving away hats and candy. And Paxton wanted to go up in the huge bucket. 
It was such a fun morning! And we always like supporting Wings instead of a pumpkin patch that is all for profit. 

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