Monday, May 16, 2016

Big Brothers

Before Lincoln was born, Jared and I had more than one late-night talk about how the P's would be as big brothers. We both agreed that Porter was the biggest potential disaster but that Paxton could definitely have adjustment issues too. 

We were so excited for the boys to come to the hospital and meet their new brother. They were ecstatic! They immediately wanted to hold him and snuggle him and were so sad when they had to leave without taking him with them. 
We were glad but we knew that taking the baby home and settling in with a crying newborn could make them change their tune. 
It didn't. They have both been so sweet with their baby brother. They have not been annoyed with his crying at all so far; in fact, if I ever don't tend to him the second he starts crying, on or both of them are at his side trying to make him feel better. 
Whenever they are playing, they will always take frequent breaks to make the cars or superheroes they are playing with come visit their baby and tell me how cute he is. They love to tell strangers that this is their baby brother, he's zero. They usually follow it up with "isn't he the cutest?"
I know that things could change, but I really love their love for him. 

Mother's Day

So this year was kind of a cool Mother's Day because it was my first year with my complete set of sons. Nobody was missing and it felt good. 

I opened my eyes to Paxton standing next to me, kissing my arm and asking if I could open my presents and telling me happy Mother's Day. A few seconds later I heard him run into Porter's room and tell him to go tell me happy Mother's Day. They couldn't wait for me to get dressed before opening. 

They got me 3 pots of flowers for the front porch and a stacking ring with Lincoln's name. 

We were planning on going to brunch at Mimi's, so we all got ready. Unfortunately, when we got there the wait was an hour...we drove to Jimmy's Egg, IHOP, and Allisha's...they all had huge waits. By then, the boys and I were all starving and it was almost time to go to Josh and Candy's house for lunch. We decided to try one last place before giving up. We tried Corner Bakery and it was perfect. Paxton and Porter got pancakes which is what's important to them and it wasn't busy at all. 

We went to Josh and Candy's for a cookout for lunch and then to McAlister's with my family for dinner. 

I'm always so thankful for Jared on Mother's Day because he makes a huge effort to make me feel special and help the boys pick things out that they want to give me but that I'll also love. And for the first time, I had some surprises that Paxton made me at school that were really sweet. 

I love being a mom to these three precious boys. Paxton and Porter are so good about telling me multiple times a day that they love me and just coming up for snuggles. And Lincoln would be totally fine if I just held him all day every day. I feel pretty lucky that they're mine!