Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Parks in Three Days

So as I was looking through my phone camera roll today, I realized that the boys and I had hit up three different parks in three days (really two days-Saturday and Monday) and thought that needed to be documented. We have good parks here!

Saturday while Jared was at his football game, the boys and I went to Duke Park to play. 
(I love how Porter is looking at his big bro in this one)
We had a great time, and even better-nobody cried when we left!

On Monday while Paxton was at preschool, Porter and I went to the Forest Hills park. He is so outgoing when he's by himself and made lots of friends for me to talk to. And he found a big stick. 
After Paxton got out of school, we met some friends at the science museum but it was closed so we headed next door to the park instead. Paxton and Nate had a blast together trying to play catch...
And Porter and Noah got covered in sand. 
The weather is perfect for parks right now and both boys are at an age where they love the park. It is quite a feat to keep an eye on both of them now that Porter is running around, but they love it so much that we make it work. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The NC State Fair

The NC State Fair is in town right now, so we took the boys on Friday. Instead of walking through a giant field of wet, red clay to get inside the fair like in Oklahoma, we walked through a (paved) tunnel of huge pine trees. 

After sampling some food and seeing some animals and buildings...
...Paxton was ready to ride some rides. 

We told him he could pick one and he picked the first one he saw, which he called the jeeps. 
He loved it. He laughed and waved the whole time. After he got off, he saw race cars directly across from the "jeeps" so he asked to ride those too. 

He picked a pink car and had a blast. 
After that we walked around looking for the big fair slide but could never find it so we settled for checking out the RVs. Paxton thought they were the coolest things ever and was begging to bring one home. After checking out the one with the king-sized bed, fireplace and granite countertops I was begging to bring one home too. 
We had a fun day at the fair! Paxton defintely enjoyed it the most this year. 

Donuts and a Hike

Last Saturday, Jared's football game was Sunday morning instead of Saturday so he got to join us for our magical Saturday. We took the boys to Dunkin...
And once they experienced the sugar rush, we knew we needed to let them burn off some energy before we took them home. There was a state park nearby, so we stopped there. 

There wasn't a playground, but there was a hiking trail. Porter threw some pine cones (he learned from his big brother) and mostly relied on being carried. The uneven ground didn't appeal to him and we kept looking back to see him completely stopped and staring down at a tiny divot that he might have to step across. 
Paxton has discovered that if he tells us his legs hurt, he gets to be carried or to ride on Daddy's shoulders. About 10 steps down the trail, he started saying his legs were too tired. Luckily we distracted him with some singing and some leaf and acorn collecting (which he kept throwing so we didn't actually accrue a collection). 
We got home in time for the OU/Texas game and naps for the boys. It was a fun morning, although we'll probably wait a few years before trying another hiking trip. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

September in Review

September is over which means we're officially into fall and Halloween time. Here's what kept us busy in September:

We were surprised that so many of the OU games have been accessible here. We've been able to watch all but the first one. 
The boys have really gotten into Play-doh and coloring so we've been doing that. 
We've been Skyping with Gramsy and Blueberry the fish. 
We've been playing with our friends. 
The September weather here was pretty great. It wasn't as cold as it could have been, but it was much cooler than Oklahoma. We spent lots of time outside. 

We tried a new park and Paxton realized he loved the swings right in time to find out they made him sick. 
We've been playing at Chick-Fil-A way more than we should. 
We took a trip to Richmond and Virginia Beach and had a blast. 
We celebrated my birthday with a pumpkin spice cake and dinner at Champs in Southpoint. 
And we broke out the Halloween jammies. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chuck E Cheese

We took the boys to Chuck E Cheese last weekend. I had been begging Jared to go for months...I have so many memories playing there from childhood. We finally did it!

Porter was unimpressed...he liked running around and getting in everyone's business. 
Paxton loved it. He rode all the cars and played on the playground. 
He even loved the swing that looks exactly the same as it did back in my day. 
After spending all their tokens, we had some pizza and traded their 10 tickets in for some Smarties and called it a night.