Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donuts and a Hike

Last Saturday, Jared's football game was Sunday morning instead of Saturday so he got to join us for our magical Saturday. We took the boys to Dunkin...
And once they experienced the sugar rush, we knew we needed to let them burn off some energy before we took them home. There was a state park nearby, so we stopped there. 

There wasn't a playground, but there was a hiking trail. Porter threw some pine cones (he learned from his big brother) and mostly relied on being carried. The uneven ground didn't appeal to him and we kept looking back to see him completely stopped and staring down at a tiny divot that he might have to step across. 
Paxton has discovered that if he tells us his legs hurt, he gets to be carried or to ride on Daddy's shoulders. About 10 steps down the trail, he started saying his legs were too tired. Luckily we distracted him with some singing and some leaf and acorn collecting (which he kept throwing so we didn't actually accrue a collection). 
We got home in time for the OU/Texas game and naps for the boys. It was a fun morning, although we'll probably wait a few years before trying another hiking trip. 

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