Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The NC State Fair

The NC State Fair is in town right now, so we took the boys on Friday. Instead of walking through a giant field of wet, red clay to get inside the fair like in Oklahoma, we walked through a (paved) tunnel of huge pine trees. 

After sampling some food and seeing some animals and buildings...
...Paxton was ready to ride some rides. 

We told him he could pick one and he picked the first one he saw, which he called the jeeps. 
He loved it. He laughed and waved the whole time. After he got off, he saw race cars directly across from the "jeeps" so he asked to ride those too. 

He picked a pink car and had a blast. 
After that we walked around looking for the big fair slide but could never find it so we settled for checking out the RVs. Paxton thought they were the coolest things ever and was begging to bring one home. After checking out the one with the king-sized bed, fireplace and granite countertops I was begging to bring one home too. 
We had a fun day at the fair! Paxton defintely enjoyed it the most this year. 

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