Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I love these chubby feet in their first pair of flip flops:

And I think this little head looks pretty cute in its new sun hat:

And this bottom looks pretty cute in just a swim diaper:

I guess he just has good genes.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

We started our Memorial Day weekend with a trip to Dallas to finally meet our best friends' new baby, Blakely. We left Saturday morning and stopped in Gainesville to give Paxton a break from the car.
He played in the grass with Daddy.

It was worth the drive when we got to see Blakely! She was perfect and beautiful! And it was neat to see Ryan and Tab as parents.

Paxton made a mess in their living room and spilled Ryan's tea all over the carpet.

Tab's mom and sister and niece, Holli were all there to visit. Paxton just loves Holli, and as soon as we sat him down next to her, he crawled over and gave her a kiss.

He was so good on the way there and on the way home. I know it was a long day for him, but he barely cried at all.

We spent Sunday doing some much-needed yard work...

while Paxton played in his water wonderland.

We went to a Thunder watch party/cookout in the evening and there were two other little boys there for Paxton to play with.
Paxton and Caleb:

(mom says they're not cousins but they're close enough for me)
All three boys were obsessed with throwing the balls:

Paxton had a blast.

All three boys:

This little boy,Caiden, was three months older than Paxton and he was hilarious. He kept walking up to each person and saying "bite" and getting some of their food. He also really liked giving Paxton hugs which was pretty precious. That's what's happening in this picture...he's not trying to drown him or anything:


Then when it started getting cooler, he dried off and changed into his Thunder shirt. These two boys are pretty cute together:

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Nights

Paxton's obsession with spending every second outside hasn't subsided. We are still outside the majority of the time he is awake. We spend lots of evenings in the back yard. So far, I know these are some of the memories I'm going to look back on when this summer is over.

His favorite thing is swinging on the hammock. If Jared is mowing, he loves watching that. Otherwise, he just looks around and watches the dogs. I couldn't help but take a picture of my view on Friday night:

Sometimes, he just likes to chill on a blanket with Sticker.

And we usually end the night with a Popsicle. He loves these and he thinks he's so big eating one all by himself. He ends up totally sticky, but that's part of the magic of summer.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Paxton & Scarlett

Scarlett is Paxton's favorite toy right now. He has always liked her, but they have a deeper and more meaningful relationship lately...probably because she's in the house all the time because she keeps getting out of the yard.

He is constantly right in her face looking at her up close or playing with her tail or poking her eyes. She's in his face a lot too, usually trying to lick him. They won't leave each other alone.

This is his favorite game right now. He scoots over, gets right in her face...

And she sticks her tongue out and tries to lick him.

He squeals, backs away and laughs.

And repeats:

The tongue and the avoidance:

He thinks it's so fun.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I couldn't decide how I wanted to handle these monthly posts once Paxton turned one, but I figured that while I might regret not doing it, I probably wouldn't regret doing it. So, here's what Paxton is up to this month:

-standing alone for as long as he wants to. He doesn't fall anymore, when he's done he can sit or squat.

-holds his arms up when we tell him to and points to his tummy when we ask. He will also hold his arms up when he tell him "skin the rabbit" to take his shirt off.

-obsessed with walking behind push toys or anything else he can scoot and walk with (including kitchen chairs). He has taken one or two steps several times now and will even take a step between the couch and ottoman but he still isn't walking. He also loves when we hold his hand and walk with him.

-has added "mama" and "nigh nigh" (which we don't know the translation of). When we ask him if he wants a new diaper he will say "di-di". He usually says "dada" for outside but will sometimes take a second to think and say "ou-sah".

-sleeping around 12 hours a night (9-9) and taking about an hour-long nap at 11:00 and a two hour nap at 3:00.

-wants to be outside all the time. He will bang on the screen door and squeal or pull up to the back door and rattle the knob. He cries when he comes in unless he hears bath water.

-has started interacting with Scarlett a lot. He plays with her tail and pokes her eyes and pets her. She is really patient with him, but we will probably need to start working on him to be gentle with her.

-has mastered the bear crawl and will do that on cement or grass. He's now fully mobile outside. He will also crawl in and out of his kiddie pool.

-gets emotionally overwhelmed if he hasn't seen me for a little while and then he sees me. He will laugh and then cry and then go back to laughing.

-loves sweet potato fries and regular fries, cheeseburgers, mandarin oranges, bananas, yogurt and pasta with marinara. He would be happy with a meat-free life...we have to sneak his meat in. He also isn't crazy about strawberries. He had an enchilada at Bevynne's graduation lunch and scarfed it down.

-has just figured out that he can stand up without pulling up. He will just be sitting on the ground and then pop up.

-gets so excited when he sees his daddy. He always says "dada!!!" and gets the biggest smile when he first sees him.

-loves when we make his stuffed animals or other toys give him kisses. He will not give me kisses unless he's in a super playful mood and then he makes it into a game.

-he will not drink his sippy cup of milk when I rock him at night unless I'm singing to him. He will take the cup out of his mouth and look at me and wait until I start singing. Sometimes he will open his mouth really wide to make me laugh and then he cracks up. I think sometimes Jared thinks we're crazy when we're in there just cracking up together.

I know I say this every month, but this is my favorite stage. I love watching him learn to talk and am excited to see him learn to walk. His personality is really starting to show, he loves to be wild and make us laugh. He has definite preferences and will get frustrated when he doesn't get what he wants. We are constantly surprised by things he figures out (like that rattling the door knob is the way to open it). We love him an awful lot!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Bevynne had her graduation ceremony yesterday morning. We decided to take Paxton with us against our better judgment because it was an important day for his aunt.

We tried to let him blow off some steam beforehand by letting him crawl around.

He kept taking off after people. And he got really dirty.

He was grumpy and over the whole thing before it even started. We had some snacks for him, but because he throws EVERYTHING, he couldn't really hold his juice cup or toys or anything...

We were letting him stand backwards in his chair while we waited for the ceremony to start, and a lady kept walking past where his head was. She had a long skirt on and it would brush his face when she walked past. At one point, he reached out, grabbed her skirt, and buried his face in it. I was mortified...but also cracking up. Jared said we were going to have to put him on the sex offender registry. I apologized to the lady and she said she didn't mind at all. Then instead of moving away, she just stood there and Paxton did it again!!

Jared finally had to take him out in the hall before it even started. They played out there and listened for a little while, but Jared ended up having to take Pax home for a nap. I felt better because when I went out to take the diaper bag to Jared, there were tons of toddlers between about age one and three outside with their parents. I guess that's just not a good age to sit still and be quiet.

Here is Bevynne getting her diploma!

YouTube Video

Walking back to her seat:

Hat throwing, my favorite part:

Bev and Mom afterwards:

That evening, Bevynne wanted to have a cookout and get a bunch of people together to play wiffle ball. Paxton loved it. He walked around with his push toy the whole time. He would walk clear out to the fence and then turn around and smile at us. He's so funny.

It was a fun family day celebrating Bevynne! We are so proud of her and can't wait to see where life takes her!

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