Monday, May 7, 2012

The Boat!

We took a family vacation to the lake house this weekend. We were planning on taking Paxton out on the boat for the first time.

Thursday night, we dropped him off at Granny V's for his first night away from me. Jared kept me busy with a date. We grilled out steaks and went to a play. Afterwards, we went to Louie's on the Lake to watch the Thunder game. We were so proud of ourselves, we stayed out til 11:00! We did call and get a report of everything Pax had been up to, but I was tear-free!

We picked Pax up on Friday afternoon after packing the car, and we headed to the lake. We turned Paxton front-facing for the trip. We thought it might help if we could turn around and talk to him and let him watch DVD's. It didn't make a huge difference, but we could tell he enjoyed front facing. He was looking out the windows the whole time.

Saturday, we woke up to rain...even though the chances had been at 0% the day before. We went to the breakfast buffet which is maybe our favorite part of our lake trips. Pax got to go once last year but he was still tiny so he didn't get to try it. This time he did, and he loved it as much as we do. I think he ate his weight in food.

We were going to go out on the boat after his nap, but it was still rainy so we went to the indoor pool. It wasn't heated so it was pretty chilly but Paxton didn't care at all.

He splashed like crazy and kept trying to crawl around. Finally his lips were turning blue, so we took him out and wrapped him in a towel. He wasn't having it. He started screaming.

Jared braved the cold and got in the big pool with him. It was so funny, Pax would squeal and smile and kick his feet while Jared zoomed him around. He had the best time. If it had been warmer, he would have been happy in there for hours. When we got him out, he cried again.

We took him to the playground to make up for it, but it was wet and didn't have anything for little kids to do. He got to go down the slide with Daddy but that was it.

When he woke up from his nap around 5, it was finally sunny enough to go on the boat. We put Pax in his life jacket and hit the water.

He loved the boat. He smiled the whole time we were moving. Unfortunately, he hated the life jacket. He couldn't move very well in it.
We went to Soda Steve's for dinner and Paxton got a kid's meal. We were very surprised when the kids mac and cheese turned out to just be Kraft. After dinner, We headed back to watch the Thunder game.

Paxton cheered on Russell. He also took two steps in a row three different times that night. He has only taken one step at a time before, so this was exciting! I'm not in a hurry for him to walk, but he has a 15 month check-up on June 22nd and Dr. Campbell said one of the things he would check on was Paxton's walking. It would be great if he was walking by then.

We were planning on going back out on the lake on Sunday morning, but we woke up to more rain. After Paxton's nap, it was still sprinkling a little but since the boat has an awning, we thought it would be fine. By the time we got out there, it wasn't raining, but it was still cloudy and cool.
We took Pax's kiddie pool and filled it up with lake water. He had fun splashing in it and throwing his toys around.

We had a fun family weekend and were super relieved that Paxton liked the boat.

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  1. He looks so big in his forward facing carseat! And great idea with the kiddie pool in the boat- So clever! Sorry about the rain, but glad you guys had a good time.