Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Water Tabling

Since Paxton plays with his water table every single day, and his kiddie pool almost as often, we have tons of pictures of the fun times.

He has figured out how to dump water on himself. He always acts surprised when he does it and then laughs.

And he still loves throwing this guy all over the place:

And crawling after it:

And sometimes making noises into it to hear the weird echo...

He has also started leaning forward and putting his face in the water in his pool and in the tub. I think this development is pretty cool because when I taught swimming lessons, I remember having to coerce the five-year-olds to get them to blow bubbles. Hopefully he keeps loving the water.

And of course all that splashing made him awfully sleepy.

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  1. Caitlynne, he is sooo cute! I never post comments on your blog because I always read it through google reader, but I appreciate your comments, so I thought I should tell you how much I love reading about Paxton. We definitely need to get the boys together. Matt and I cracked up and watched the video twice of him bear crawling and avoiding the grass. So funny! You're doing an amazing job of blogging and inspire me to do a better job. :-)