Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween!

Paxton had a pretty busy first Halloween. Remember on the 4th of July when he had three different outfits? Well, apparently that's a trend in the little guy's life. He had three Halloween outfits and a costume.

We carved pumpkins and made cinnamon pumpkin seeds:

He even got his own pumpkin decorated just for him!

And he dressed up as a puppy:

We had a Halloween party on Sunday with our small group from church and all the babies dressed up.
Paxton, Dean, and Grayson

Then, today Paxton got to trick or treat at Daddy's work. While Paxton got all the compliments, Daddy got all the candy.
Daddy was Merlin

Daddy showing off his desk

Sitting at Daddy's desk

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Monday, October 24, 2011

It Might Not...

It might not be the most glamorous job...

but at the end of the day...

it's worth all the crap!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Paxton is seven months old today...we can't believe he has gotten that old! Six months still seems like a baby but seven months sounds so big! Only five more months until his birthday.

At seven months Paxton is:
  • Sitting up really well. We can leave him sitting and he will stay upright. When he gets tired, he doesn't just fall over anymore, he can roll into a laying position. 
  • Doing really well in a high chair.  When we go out to eat, he spends the entire meal in his high chair.  He plays with his toys and eats Puffs.  He loves looking around at all the other people and sometimes he gets excited and squeals.  He also loves dropping his toys on the floor and then looking down at them. 
  • Eating most fruits and vegetables.  There hasn't really been anything that he loves or anything that he hates.  I don't think he's crazy about bananas, but he still eats them.
  • Starting to get a little bit of separation anxiety.  He fusses when I leave the room.  I pretend like I hate it because I can't get as much done, but secretly I love it that he wants me around.
  • Able to stand up while holding onto something.  He likes to stand up to play but when he's done, he just lets his legs collapse which could lead to a big fall if we weren't standing right there.
  • Saying "dadadada" all the time.  He doesn't know what it means but it sure is sweet.  I can't wait until he starts saying "mama".  He is also still saying something that sounds like hungry when he's ready to eat, but I think it's just a coincidence.  

Seven Month Bear Picture

  • Sleeping less.  His naps are sometimes only an hour and if he misses one, he's okay.  Yesterday he skipped his morning nap and only took about an hour and a half afternoon nap and then was up until bedtime at 9:30.  He still sleeps about 12 hours a night which is amazing.  I was worried this sickness would affect his sleeping, but it really hasn't.  
  • More patient with us.  Before, he would wake up ready to eat and did not want his diaper changed first.  Now, when he's hungry he is willing to wait a little while to eat.  Same thing when he's tired.  
  • Loving his Jumperoo, his cars and construction site, and any kind of ball.  I think balls are going to be what gets him to crawl.  He will be playing with a ball and then it rolls away and he tries to go after it.  He can push with his legs to move forward a little, and he is also great at rolling both ways and turning in a circle.  We don't think crawling is far away.  
  • Wearing mostly nine month clothes.  This is partly because all of his fall clothes are nine months, so if it's cool he doesn't have a choice.  He can still fit in his six month clothes, and he can still fit in his Old Navy 3-6 month clothes...apparently those run really big, because there are a few outfits he could wear when he was a newborn that he can still squeeze into now.  He is still in size 2 diapers and nine month pajamas.  
  • The proud owner of two teeth.  Both of his bottom teeth are officially through.

He is laughing at everything.  He has the best sense of humor and once he gets started, everything is funny.  He thinks people singing to him are hilarious, and having his hands clapped together gets him too.  Basically anything someone does to try to get him to laugh works. 

 We are having such a good time being Paxton's parents.  We can't believe what a happy and sweet baby he is, and how fun he is.  This is a really fun age.  He has "conversations" with us and plays with toys correctly (when he's not eating them).  I can't believe how much I love this little guy!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two of a Kind

Remember Paxton's first tooth?

(you can kinda see it in there)

Well, now it has a partner. His second tooth is officially through! We missed its grand entrance due to the cold he's had. We knew he was excessively slobbering, but it kind of mixed in with his excessive snot...but even without us anxiously watching, it peaked its pearly white head through today!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Lately...

When my mom was moving, she found a box of my old baby stuff, and one of the things in that box was a t-shirt from when we went to the Halley's Comet exhibit when I was a few months old.  Here is Paxton in the shirt(!):

I want to find a picture of me wearing the shirt for some side-by-side comparisons, but mostly I'm so excited that he is wearing something that I wore when I was his size!

In other news...we got a new puppy.  Probably not our smartest plan with a six month old, but we just feel so bad for Scarlett.  She gets way less attention now that Paxton is here.  We had to get rid of Sadey while I was pregnant because she kept getting out of our backyard and almost caused a we got kind of tired of leaving work and driving home to get her from whichever neighbor happened to have her.  Since she has been gone, Scarlett doesn't run around and play anymore...she just sits and barks, so we knew she needed a playmate.

Here is Paxton meeting Boston (a Pug/Boston Terrier Mix):

Petting him!
They really like each other...Paxton thinks Boston is a toy and is always trying to grab him...and Boston thinks Paxton is a toy and likes to try to play with Paxton's feet when he's in the Jumperoo.

Playing with Daddy's shoe...

Loving some squash

It's football season!
Jared took Paxton's six month pictures at Hafer Park this weekend, and even though Paxton has been sick (Saturday morning he woke up with a little fever, a really runny nose and a little cough), he was happy for his pictures.  Here are some of my favorites:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aunt Teighynne's Birthday

Yesterday was Aunt Teighynne's birthday.  We spent last night celebrating.  We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then back to Gramsy's house for some amazing pumpkin spice cake and presents. 

Sweet Paxton

Paxton and Aunt Teighynne

Aunt Teighynne and her cake! Lots of candles...

Playing with Daddy     
And of course Paxton got a present too...he's not spoiled at all.  Gramsy got him some cute animal blocks that he loves!

It was a fun Friday night with the fam!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few New Things

Since Paxton eats everything without any kind of reaction (with the exception of a few hilarious yet terrible expressions after his first pea attempt), we decided to go ahead and start him on some fruits before he sampled all the vegetables. His first fruit experience was on Friday (October 7th), he tried peaches since I've heard that's the fruit most likely to be disliked. Paxton ate them like he eats everything else. Since then, he has also tried apples. Same thing.

I know I should be grateful that I have a non-picky eater, but where's the excitement? He hasn't LOVED any foods. He just eats all of it. I am glad that he eats everything...I would hate if he took a few bites and hated it and the container was wasted, but where are the huge smiles at the delightfully sweet taste of apples? Nowhere! I'm sure once he hits his toddler years his preferences will make themselves known and I will look back on his days of non-discriminatory eating nostalgically.

He has also started playing with Puffs. Most parents would probably use the word "eat" in this circumstance, but not us. I think the pieces are too small for him to pick up because he would definitely eat them if he could...he eats feet for pete's sake! But we mainly just got them to keep him busy at restaurants. He thinks sitting in a high chair means it's time to eat, and if he doesn't get to, he needs to be entertained. Chasing these around achieves that.

He is also getting his next tooth. He has been a little fussier than usual, so it should be in soon...

Paxton has started to show some hoarding tendencies. He loves chasing these little guys around and getting them in his arms. Then he just stares at them until one rolls away:

His sense of humor has also blossomed lately. He laughs like crazy at everything. Sunday night, he was in his jumperoo and he would just look at me and crack up. Obviously I was laughing back because that sweet giggle gets me every single time. He's very ticklish and even laughs in anticipation of being tickled (his daddy is the best tickler).

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