Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Lately...

When my mom was moving, she found a box of my old baby stuff, and one of the things in that box was a t-shirt from when we went to the Halley's Comet exhibit when I was a few months old.  Here is Paxton in the shirt(!):

I want to find a picture of me wearing the shirt for some side-by-side comparisons, but mostly I'm so excited that he is wearing something that I wore when I was his size!

In other news...we got a new puppy.  Probably not our smartest plan with a six month old, but we just feel so bad for Scarlett.  She gets way less attention now that Paxton is here.  We had to get rid of Sadey while I was pregnant because she kept getting out of our backyard and almost caused a we got kind of tired of leaving work and driving home to get her from whichever neighbor happened to have her.  Since she has been gone, Scarlett doesn't run around and play anymore...she just sits and barks, so we knew she needed a playmate.

Here is Paxton meeting Boston (a Pug/Boston Terrier Mix):

Petting him!
They really like each other...Paxton thinks Boston is a toy and is always trying to grab him...and Boston thinks Paxton is a toy and likes to try to play with Paxton's feet when he's in the Jumperoo.

Playing with Daddy's shoe...

Loving some squash

It's football season!
Jared took Paxton's six month pictures at Hafer Park this weekend, and even though Paxton has been sick (Saturday morning he woke up with a little fever, a really runny nose and a little cough), he was happy for his pictures.  Here are some of my favorites:

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