Saturday, October 22, 2011


Paxton is seven months old today...we can't believe he has gotten that old! Six months still seems like a baby but seven months sounds so big! Only five more months until his birthday.

At seven months Paxton is:
  • Sitting up really well. We can leave him sitting and he will stay upright. When he gets tired, he doesn't just fall over anymore, he can roll into a laying position. 
  • Doing really well in a high chair.  When we go out to eat, he spends the entire meal in his high chair.  He plays with his toys and eats Puffs.  He loves looking around at all the other people and sometimes he gets excited and squeals.  He also loves dropping his toys on the floor and then looking down at them. 
  • Eating most fruits and vegetables.  There hasn't really been anything that he loves or anything that he hates.  I don't think he's crazy about bananas, but he still eats them.
  • Starting to get a little bit of separation anxiety.  He fusses when I leave the room.  I pretend like I hate it because I can't get as much done, but secretly I love it that he wants me around.
  • Able to stand up while holding onto something.  He likes to stand up to play but when he's done, he just lets his legs collapse which could lead to a big fall if we weren't standing right there.
  • Saying "dadadada" all the time.  He doesn't know what it means but it sure is sweet.  I can't wait until he starts saying "mama".  He is also still saying something that sounds like hungry when he's ready to eat, but I think it's just a coincidence.  

Seven Month Bear Picture

  • Sleeping less.  His naps are sometimes only an hour and if he misses one, he's okay.  Yesterday he skipped his morning nap and only took about an hour and a half afternoon nap and then was up until bedtime at 9:30.  He still sleeps about 12 hours a night which is amazing.  I was worried this sickness would affect his sleeping, but it really hasn't.  
  • More patient with us.  Before, he would wake up ready to eat and did not want his diaper changed first.  Now, when he's hungry he is willing to wait a little while to eat.  Same thing when he's tired.  
  • Loving his Jumperoo, his cars and construction site, and any kind of ball.  I think balls are going to be what gets him to crawl.  He will be playing with a ball and then it rolls away and he tries to go after it.  He can push with his legs to move forward a little, and he is also great at rolling both ways and turning in a circle.  We don't think crawling is far away.  
  • Wearing mostly nine month clothes.  This is partly because all of his fall clothes are nine months, so if it's cool he doesn't have a choice.  He can still fit in his six month clothes, and he can still fit in his Old Navy 3-6 month clothes...apparently those run really big, because there are a few outfits he could wear when he was a newborn that he can still squeeze into now.  He is still in size 2 diapers and nine month pajamas.  
  • The proud owner of two teeth.  Both of his bottom teeth are officially through.

He is laughing at everything.  He has the best sense of humor and once he gets started, everything is funny.  He thinks people singing to him are hilarious, and having his hands clapped together gets him too.  Basically anything someone does to try to get him to laugh works. 

 We are having such a good time being Paxton's parents.  We can't believe what a happy and sweet baby he is, and how fun he is.  This is a really fun age.  He has "conversations" with us and plays with toys correctly (when he's not eating them).  I can't believe how much I love this little guy!

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