Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Picture!

On Saturday night, Jared and I went to the awards banquet for his job, the Addy's. it's a fancy dinner and ceremony so we dressed up and left Pax at home. For some crazy reason it was Baby P's first time to appear in a family picture:

Several projects that Jared worked on won awards so we were pretty proud of him. We had a good night until we got home and went to check on our sleeping toddler. Paxton had thrown up in his bed! I don't think he has ever really thrown up before...he spit up forcefully a few times when he was a baby, but he hasn't thrown up. We got him up to change his sheets and pajamas and we was running around crazy and happy. He has seemed a little fussy lately and hasn't been eating as much as usual, so we aren't really sure what's going on with him. Hopefully it clears up on its own.

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Friday, February 22, 2013


Well it's here...the last monthly update. One month from today Paxton will be two. These past 23 months really have flown by and I can definitely see what parents mean when they say they blinked and their baby was six.

At 23 months, Paxton:

-is finally starting to add more words to his vocabulary. A lot of things are still "dada" or "da" with different inflections, but in the past few days he has added several words that are not variations of dada. He has started saying apple, ice cream, orange, and light on. We went and played with my college roommate and her little girl and Paxton can say her name, Addi, now too. It's funny because Jared and I are going to the awards ceremony for his work this weekend which is called the Addy's so every time we talk about it, Paxton gets excited and says Addi.

-knows a ton of animal sounds. He knows dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, sheep, sometimes goat, frog, fish, bird, lion, duck, monkey, and monster (not really an animal but close). He also will sniff when he sees a flower, and vroom for cars and trucks. Instead of saying the words for things, a lot of times he makes the sound. Like in the mornings, when he wants me to let Scarlett out, he will make his dog noise and point at the door. When he hears a car, he points at the window and says Vroom. And when he hears a bird, he says tweet tweet tweet. He has also started to try to have conversations with phrases he knows.

-is climbing everything. He climbs on top of the heater in his room, his table, his chairs, kitchen chairs, the little rocks lining the flower garden, diaper boxes...everything. For some crazy and wonderful reason, he hasn't tried to climb out of his crib yet, so we are savoring his moments in there.

-loves bubbles, Scarlett, wrestling and dancing with Daddy, books, cars and balls, playing outside, and Mickey. If we say the word "park" and don't take him, he throws a fit. He loves turning the lights on and off. He likes to climb up on the ottoman and then slide off...we probably need to get him a slide. He likes to jump on his bed and on the couch.

-hates high chairs, his car seat, the shopping cart and diaper changes. He does really well in boosters, so we usually use those.

-is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy. He has grown a lot in the last month and has slimmed down. He has a mouth-full of teeth which still surprises me sometimes when he smiles.

-loves playing the Fisher Price piano ap on my iPad. He has learned green and yellow from asking me what color the keys are.

-wears mostly 2T clothes. He was still wearing 24 month pants because 2Ts were too long, but I noticed today that most of his pants are too short. He is still in size 6 shoes and size 5 diapers.

-can feed himself with a spoon or fork and will blow on his own food if it's hot. He loves to "dip dip dip" things and will eat almost anything dipped in ketchup or mustard.

-says "here we go" every time we pull out of the garage and then says "we're hooooome" when he sees the house.

-is really starting to make his preferences known. He will ask for specific food, he tells us when he's ready to go night night, he points to certain toys to play with in his car seat, he will grab us by the legs and direct us towards his room when he wants us to play with him. He's turning into such a little boy!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thirty Weeks!

Something crazy happened today, somehow without any preparedness, 30 weeks of pregnancy hit. We are officially in the countdown phase. If Baby P arrives on his due date, we have 69 short days left as a family of three. We have nine more Saturdays, and four more library visits.

I'm not ready.

I'm so excited for little P to get here. I can't wait to see his face and to decide who he looks like. I am anxious to see him in all of Paxton's tiny newborn jammies (and a couple pairs of his own) and watch Pax meet his new baby brother. I am ready to see what lies ahead as I adjust to life with two little boys.

But I'm not finished with Pax being an only child. I'm not done grabbing one diaper and a pack of fruit snacks and being ready to tackle any errand. I'm not finished with Paxton laughing hysterically as he shows off some crazy toddler trick and revels in having Mommy and Daddy's full attention. I'm not ready to be finished dropping everything and cuddling up with my toddler every time he brings me a book.

These are the weeks I need to absorb my little toddler and let him savor every sweet moment of having his mommy to himself.

We also need to get busy baby shopping and laundry washing and double stroller testing. Baby P deserves to come home to a house that is just as ready for him as it was for Paxton.

So for now, I'm making a promise to myself to enjoy every second of these last ten weeks before our family and our hearts grow by one tiny little Miller boy.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Being a Boy

One of my favorite things about being a boy mom is watching my little guy zoom around his cars. I love that this is something he just inherently knows how to do and enjoys.

And on the other side, there's the climbing. This kid has entered full-force into the world of climbing. He climbs everything. It's bad for my heart.

He likes to carry around his blankie, and one afternoon he laid down on the couch, covered himself up with his blankie and said night night. Nap time immediately followed.

He is still obsessed with playing outside and asks to go out all the time.

And his food does not stay on his plate and straws do not stay in cups. He's a mess.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Jared was out of town for work this year for Valentine's Day so he helped Paxton make me some cookies so Pax could be my Valentine this year.

I couldn't find Paxton a Valentine's shirt this year that didn't say something stupid, so I decided to just take his pictures in one of his Honest diapers. One of my friends asked if we was supposed to be Cupid, he wasn't. It is just what I had.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Day #2!

It seems like it doesn't snow that often here in OK, so we were excited to hear that our third snow of the winter was coming yesterday! It came down hard and fast, and Paxton noticed it through the window and kept saying "brrr" which I thought was pretty cool. He really wanted to go outside, so I bundled him up and we went out, even though it was still coming down pretty hard.

Baby footprints:

He really liked watching it fall.

And he even got a little taste:

He loved it!

And of course he had to warm up by cuddling in with Mickey and his blankie to watch Mickey.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Officially a Toddler Mom

So I'm in that awkward phase of parenting where there is really no convenient time to take a shower. Since I have to go out in public and interact with humanity, I need to squeeze it in I usually try to take super quick showers while Paxton is confined to his room. I used to put him in his crib with tons of toys, but he immediately throws the toys out and then screams the whole time, so since we were pretty confident his room was baby-proofed, I have been leaving him in there.

Yesterday, I took a quick shower and when I got out, I could hear him in his room singing Jingle Bells so I knew he was fine. I got dressed and went in to check on him. After my initial scan, I didn't see I looked again, my heart dropped. My toddler was Sitting. On. The. Changing. Table.

I know I have a pretty solid case of pregnancy brain, but I remember very clearly setting him on the ground after I changed his last diaper. I knew I didn't leave him up there. I put him down, told him he wasn't allowed to climb up there, distracted him with a truck and ran across the hall to get my shoes on since we were about to leave. I was literally gone for about 23 seconds, and when I came back, I found this:

He was back up there! In 23 seconds! So not only can he scale the tallest piece of furniture in his room, he can do it at super speed and he thinks it's funny.

I obviously had to encourage him to do it one more time so I could see exactly how he was doing it. I took a video....

YouTube Video

So, obviously things are moved around now and there are no short pieces of furniture next to tall pieces of furniture, but I still feel a tiny bit of anxiety every time I go to check on him...I never know what I'll find him on top of.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third Trimester!

Well, somehow I have already hit the third trimester. This pregnancy is going by at warp speed. I have officially hit the stage where it is much harder to move around.

I am still feeling really good! Baby #2 kicks and moves so much, it's crazy! Feeling him move around and hiccup is still one of my favorite feelings.

Paxton went with me to my appointment today. My appointments are not his favorite thing. He usually cries as soon as I lie down on the table. We heard Baby P's heart beat (140 bpm) and we are measuring right on track. I am still having high blood pressure readings when I go in for my appointments, but they are totally normal when I take them at home. I know it's probably only a matter of time before she puts me on medication to control it. I was upset about that at first and disappointed that my body couldn't just grow a baby normally, but I have done a lot of thinking. I know that I am just a person that gains a lot of weight with my pregnancies. I gained 60 pounds with Paxton, and even though I have been a lot more careful this time, I am still on track to gain more than the 25-30 pounds allowed. I know this is tough on my body. I am just grateful that we had such an easy time getting pregnant and that I am having an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Taking blood pressure medicine won't be a big deal at all. There aren't side effects for Baby P and it will ensure that I'm healthy enough to take care of Pax and get everything set up for Baby P to arrive! The new mindset makes my appointments a lot less stressful because I'm not constantly anticipating the verdict.

We went to a Super Bowl party at a couple's house that is due three weeks ahead of us. They already have the crib set up and the carseat ready. Their nursery is already coming together. I am a tiny bit stressed that we have literally done nothing to prepare for this baby...we have no crib, the carseat is in someone's garage, and there are several things we need to buy. But Jared keeps reminding me that we have everything we NEED. We have clothes and diapers and blankets. We have a pack and play for him to sleep in. We have bottles and bibs and toys and a swing. Sure there are lots of things that my nesting self wants to go buy (especially a crib! It would feel good to see the crib in the nursery, ready for the little guy), but we are fine!

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The Zoo!!

Last Monday while Jared was out of town, Paxton woke up a little early from his nap and it was a beautiful day (70 degrees in January!). I threw some snacks together and we hit the zoo.

We only had a little over an hour until it closed, so we just went to the new kid's area, which is awesome!

They had a little petting zoo. Paxton liked the goats a lot.

He liked to get right down in their faces.

There were also several free-range peacocks that kids were not supposed to chase...

We broke that rule.

Paxton liked the fish a lot too. He kept pointing at them and making the fish noise, which I thought was pretty cool.

When he started being more interested in running up to unattended strollers and trying to push them or steal drinks, we headed out.

We had a lot of fun, and I think he's at a great age for this activity. He ran all around and looked at all the animals. It is definitely something we'll repeat.

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