Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third Trimester!

Well, somehow I have already hit the third trimester. This pregnancy is going by at warp speed. I have officially hit the stage where it is much harder to move around.

I am still feeling really good! Baby #2 kicks and moves so much, it's crazy! Feeling him move around and hiccup is still one of my favorite feelings.

Paxton went with me to my appointment today. My appointments are not his favorite thing. He usually cries as soon as I lie down on the table. We heard Baby P's heart beat (140 bpm) and we are measuring right on track. I am still having high blood pressure readings when I go in for my appointments, but they are totally normal when I take them at home. I know it's probably only a matter of time before she puts me on medication to control it. I was upset about that at first and disappointed that my body couldn't just grow a baby normally, but I have done a lot of thinking. I know that I am just a person that gains a lot of weight with my pregnancies. I gained 60 pounds with Paxton, and even though I have been a lot more careful this time, I am still on track to gain more than the 25-30 pounds allowed. I know this is tough on my body. I am just grateful that we had such an easy time getting pregnant and that I am having an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Taking blood pressure medicine won't be a big deal at all. There aren't side effects for Baby P and it will ensure that I'm healthy enough to take care of Pax and get everything set up for Baby P to arrive! The new mindset makes my appointments a lot less stressful because I'm not constantly anticipating the verdict.

We went to a Super Bowl party at a couple's house that is due three weeks ahead of us. They already have the crib set up and the carseat ready. Their nursery is already coming together. I am a tiny bit stressed that we have literally done nothing to prepare for this baby...we have no crib, the carseat is in someone's garage, and there are several things we need to buy. But Jared keeps reminding me that we have everything we NEED. We have clothes and diapers and blankets. We have a pack and play for him to sleep in. We have bottles and bibs and toys and a swing. Sure there are lots of things that my nesting self wants to go buy (especially a crib! It would feel good to see the crib in the nursery, ready for the little guy), but we are fine!

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  1. You look great! And I'm so glad you are having a healthy pregnancy. Pax is just getting cuter by the second. Can't wait to see you guys!!