Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Fun Run

Paxton had his first school fundraiser last week, the Fun Run. We had no idea what to expect, but Gramsy, Porter and I went to watch him. 
For some reason, he was totally miserable. He had such a grumpy face on that I couldn't help but laugh. The first several times he passed us, he turned his head away really fast and wouldn't look at us!
His teacher, his TA, and the kindergarten teacher that helps him in most mornings all tried to rally him. His teacher was the only one that had any success...he ran about 10 steps and then was back to glum walking. Finally, he hit the water station and took about a 10 minute water break. 

When I picked him up, I brought him a slush and asked him about it. He said it was fun and he liked it...we'll go with his memory of it. 
Gramsy was the first person to pledge and for the first pledge, each kid got a sweat band. When Pax saw it that morning, he insisted on wearing it. 

Fair Day!

We found out that Disney on Ice was going to be about Frozen this year back in January...and bought tickets immediately. The boys were obsessed with Frozen and Let it Go. Paxton even calls Jared's twin stepsisters Anna and Elsa. However, then Home came out and the boys were introduced to Despicable Me and Toy Story and Frozen fell out of favor...but we had the tickets and they were still familiar with the story and songs so we were still excited. 

We tried to get to the fair 2 hours before the show started so the boys had some time to ride a few rides and see some animals and we all had a chance to try some fair food. Unfortunately, we sat in a line of cars waiting to turn into the parking lot for an hour...
We finally made it and saw some animals and visited a few other buildings. Then it was time for dinner. Paxton saw Jared's corn dog and had to have one. Porter ate my whole cinnamon roll and then they both requested kettle corn. 
After that, we were out of time for fair activities and had to get inside. 
When the lights went out and Mickey and Donald came out, the boys lost their minds. Porter couldn't even handle sitting down anymore and had to stand and clap and dance in front of our seats. Then Buzz and Woody came out and their faces were pure Disney Magic. 
They watched the whole thing and loved it. I kept looking at their mouths to see them mouthing the words of all the songs. It was awesome. 
Afterwards, the boys were exhausted, but Pax was begging to play a game. We stopped at the first one we saw which was throwing darts at balloons. Jared helped him throw the first one, but then he was ready to fly solo. He pooped balloons with both of his next two and won a stuffed penguin. He was mad because he wanted a balloon...
We had a pretty fun night! It was so cool to watch the boys enjoy the show so much, but hopefully next time we will get there in time to enjoy some rides. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Family Lake Weekend

After waiting all summer for everyone's schedules to line up, it was finally family lake weekend this weekend! Paxton was so excited that we decided to leave right after we picked him up from school. We stopped for lunch at Arby's and then hit the road. 

When we got there, the boys found "sleeping bags" and took a little rest together. 
Then we got ready and headed out to the lake!
It wasn't very warm, so as the sun started sinking we had to get out. We went back to the lake house for our Friday tradition of pizza and a movie. The boys have been begging for Toy Story lately so we turned on the third one and holy cow. They loved it! They watched it off and on for the rest of the weekend and decided they wanted to be Buzz and Woody for Halloween.  
After the boys went to bed, Gramsy and the aunts finally arrived!

The next morning, Paxton was up before 8 ready to see if Gramsy brought donuts and begging to wake everyone up. I made him wait til 8:30. He was so excited to see everyone! The boys insisted on Toy Story 3 again during breakfast. 
Then we hit the lake! 
After post-lake showers, we got ready to go eat dinner at Soda Steve's. The boys were excited to see "their" kitty that lives there. 
And by the time we made it to ice cream, both boys were exhausted from a fun day in the sun with no naps. 
We went back and watched the OU game (crazy!) and a movie. Who're falling asleep. The next morning it was time to "pack up and hit the road" according to Paxton. But obviously we had to stop at the breakfast buffet first. 

After all that driving, Paxton and Jared had to wash the van. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We had a pretty awesome Labor Day Weekend. We started it off with something from my "fall bucket list"...a high school football game! Obviously we needed to get some pizza first. The server gave each boy a little ball of pizza dough to play with (or as Paxton called it, modeling clay) and to say they were obsessed would be an understatement. 
We went to the Santa Fe/North football game. It was my first football game as an SFHS alum and Porter's first football game ever. 
The boys lasted all the way to the 4th quarter (an hour past bedtime) with the help of their "modeling clay" and some popcorn for Paxton. We were pleasantly surprised. They said they had fun and Porter carried the popcorn around all night and the next day...
Saturday morning, Pax requested Johnnie's for breakfast and we noticed that the Minion's movie was about to leave theaters and we wanted to take the boys. 
They didn't love the movie, but they made it through (again with popcorn) and we only had to leave once for a pee break. 

After lunch and naps, we got our game day outfits on (except Paxton who has grown out of his) and headed to Grandpa Mark's house to watch the game. The boys loved eating pizza and running around and Paxton got a whole Tupperware of change from Stephanie. Jared and I liked the final score. 

Sunday morning, we had cinnamon rolls together and then we dropped the boys off at Granny V's for a day date. We went to Top Golf with Justin and Jessie and then to the mall to check out our new H&M. Of course we ended up buying stuff for the boys...but I definitely added a few things to my birthday list. 

Sunday night, we had Gramsy and the Aunts over for a Labor Day cookout. Aunt Mal took a picture of me reading to the boys...
And then after 2.5 busy days, today we decided to take the day off. We slept in, Jared went and got us breakfast, and then we did nothing. Paxton was feeling sick, so we all watched the Lego movie (and washed the couch cushion covers due to the sickness...) and I cleaned out from under the couch while Jared did dishes. And that was the end of our productivity for the day. It was so lazy that at one point, we walked in Paxton's room to find him asleep on the floor. 
They stayed in their jammies all day and played on the naked couch cushions. 
Finally, after playing outside for a little while and eating dinner, we turned on the Lego movie for an encore at Paxton's request. Porter fell asleep amid the chaos and Paxton took a shower and put on clean jammies. 
I think sometimes we struggle to find the balance between saying yes to everything and staying home and being complete hermits, but I think this weekend we found a pretty happy medium.