Monday, September 14, 2015

Family Lake Weekend

After waiting all summer for everyone's schedules to line up, it was finally family lake weekend this weekend! Paxton was so excited that we decided to leave right after we picked him up from school. We stopped for lunch at Arby's and then hit the road. 

When we got there, the boys found "sleeping bags" and took a little rest together. 
Then we got ready and headed out to the lake!
It wasn't very warm, so as the sun started sinking we had to get out. We went back to the lake house for our Friday tradition of pizza and a movie. The boys have been begging for Toy Story lately so we turned on the third one and holy cow. They loved it! They watched it off and on for the rest of the weekend and decided they wanted to be Buzz and Woody for Halloween.  
After the boys went to bed, Gramsy and the aunts finally arrived!

The next morning, Paxton was up before 8 ready to see if Gramsy brought donuts and begging to wake everyone up. I made him wait til 8:30. He was so excited to see everyone! The boys insisted on Toy Story 3 again during breakfast. 
Then we hit the lake! 
After post-lake showers, we got ready to go eat dinner at Soda Steve's. The boys were excited to see "their" kitty that lives there. 
And by the time we made it to ice cream, both boys were exhausted from a fun day in the sun with no naps. 
We went back and watched the OU game (crazy!) and a movie. Who're falling asleep. The next morning it was time to "pack up and hit the road" according to Paxton. But obviously we had to stop at the breakfast buffet first. 

After all that driving, Paxton and Jared had to wash the van. 

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