Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fair Day!

We found out that Disney on Ice was going to be about Frozen this year back in January...and bought tickets immediately. The boys were obsessed with Frozen and Let it Go. Paxton even calls Jared's twin stepsisters Anna and Elsa. However, then Home came out and the boys were introduced to Despicable Me and Toy Story and Frozen fell out of favor...but we had the tickets and they were still familiar with the story and songs so we were still excited. 

We tried to get to the fair 2 hours before the show started so the boys had some time to ride a few rides and see some animals and we all had a chance to try some fair food. Unfortunately, we sat in a line of cars waiting to turn into the parking lot for an hour...
We finally made it and saw some animals and visited a few other buildings. Then it was time for dinner. Paxton saw Jared's corn dog and had to have one. Porter ate my whole cinnamon roll and then they both requested kettle corn. 
After that, we were out of time for fair activities and had to get inside. 
When the lights went out and Mickey and Donald came out, the boys lost their minds. Porter couldn't even handle sitting down anymore and had to stand and clap and dance in front of our seats. Then Buzz and Woody came out and their faces were pure Disney Magic. 
They watched the whole thing and loved it. I kept looking at their mouths to see them mouthing the words of all the songs. It was awesome. 
Afterwards, the boys were exhausted, but Pax was begging to play a game. We stopped at the first one we saw which was throwing darts at balloons. Jared helped him throw the first one, but then he was ready to fly solo. He pooped balloons with both of his next two and won a stuffed penguin. He was mad because he wanted a balloon...
We had a pretty fun night! It was so cool to watch the boys enjoy the show so much, but hopefully next time we will get there in time to enjoy some rides. 

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