Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Catching Up

I have been pretty terrible at updating lately, but since I'm trapped under a sleeping baby, it seemed like the perfect time to update. 

The boys are obsessed with their baby brother...especially Paxton. The poor guy can't even take a nap without being snuggled and talked to. 
Paxton is quick to give him a pacifier whenever he cries and loves to hold him and tell him "Don't grow up. Please just stay little. Your birthday is far away so just don't turn one". I think it's adaptable and exactly how I feel. 

We have been outside a ton. The sprinkler is a favorite now that it's hot enough. 
Paxton had his last day of Pre-K and Jared went with him to his end of the year party. He learned so much this year and grew up a ton! He had the sweetest teachers and they loved him so much. 
I can't believe my little guy will be in Kindergarten in a few months! 
Since life is crazy, we have been trying to chill a little bit in the evenings and on weekends when we can, which is great because Lincoln doesn't love anything as much as he loves a nap on someone's chest. 
So far we have only had one instance of big sibling danger with the baby. I left him taking a nap on the couch and came back a few minutes later to him crying on the Boppy on the other side of the couch...Paxton said he wanted to give him his Paci...which apparently required moving him across the couch. 
Paxton wanted to draw one morning and drew our whole family and wrote "my family" on the bottom without help! I might have teared up a little at how sweet it was and we hung it on the fridge. 
The boys have been begging to go camping, so Jared broke down and ordered them a tent online. He even let Paxton pick the color. It came in on Wenesday and we didn't tell the boys we had even ordered it. On Saturday evening, we sent them to their rooms to play and closed all the blinds that faced the backyard and Jared put it up. 
They were so excited when they saw it and even more excited when they found out they got to sleep out there! They had the best time out there with Daddy. And I was glad to have Lincoln as my excuse to sleep in a bed! 

Teighynne and Mallory closed on their house in our neighborhood and after a long day helping them load, we got to relax in their hotel pool. We had a fun dinner at IHOP first and took full advantage of the free kids meals with 4 hungry kids (and 2 babies). 
And then, last night Paxton had his first teeball game of the season. It's closer to real baseball this season since the kids actually run all the bases. 
He had the cutest little fan. He did a lot better this year. He didn't cry once! And he took the field all by himself with no parent and hung out in the dugout with his teammates. He's playing on a team with his friend Kaiden (who was our old neighbor) and Kaiden's dad is the coach, so he's really comfortable with them and I think that really helps. 
We have definitely been staying busy and packing a few extra fun activities in!