Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Sunday

Porter woke up from his nap before Paxton and was on a comedic roll. 

He was yelling for me to come get him. When Paxton wants something, we are working on having him ask nicely so he will demand it, then we'll say "ask nicely" and Pax will say "Ask nicely. Can I have some milk please?" So Porter is yelling "Mommy, OUT!" Then he pauses and yells "Ask nicely! Mommy I want out please!"

Once he was up, he was running around like a crazy man and then suddenly he stopped and was still so I asked him "you okay bro?" He said "No, I stuck" then he wiggled his booty and yelled "BLAST OFF!" And took off running. 

Jared was playing his xbox game and Porter was watching him. Even though the guy looks nothing like Batman, Pprter thought it was so he was narrating the game and calling the guy Batman. He would say "oh no! Batman fall down", "whoa Batman!", "Batman running". It was hilarious. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Paxton and I have been working on making letters for several months now, but he mostly just makes random lines while he says the letter. He has also been struggling to make a circle. For some reason, he had a breakthrough today!

We were drawing together on the chalkboard and I was showing him how to make different letters. Usually, he is distracted and doesn't pay very good attention, but today he was focused. When I told him how to make an M (up, down, up, down), it clicked. He made one immediately. Then I told him to make a circle, expecting him to make his awkward scribble he usually makes, but he made a perfect circle! We followed it with a second M and lots of celebrating when I told him he spelled MOM!
We went back to the chalkboard after lunch and he wrote MOM again and we worked on P for Paxton. Then he wanted to draw a person, so I drew one while he copied me. Again he had laser focus and actually tried. He ended up with a pretty decent looking stick man!
I think we might be finally turning the corner from the terrible threes. He is starting to cooperate more and he is enjoying learning new things. I'm so proud of my tiny big kid!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I was tired this morning. I stayed up late the past two nights and woke up early both mornings, but when I heard the tiny slaps of toddler feet running down the hall towards me, I couldn't help but smile. He could go anywhere in the house. He knows Porter and I are still asleep and he could get into anything, but he chooses me. He quietly climbs on the bed next to me and soundlessly stares at me. I keep my eyes closed to see what he'll do. Finally he can't stand it anymore and he loudly whispers "Mommy! Can you open your eyes?" I peek out at him and he bursts into a huge grin and exclaims "I stayed dry!" I tell him how proud I am and help him get in the covers. He snuggles up next to me and just lays there. I wonder what he's thinking. 

It's not a bad start to a morning. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Zoo Day!

When we got to Oklahoma it was freezing. It has been unbearably cold and super rainy since we've been here and we are really missing the mild NC winter we were having! Luckily, a few days ago it got warm! It has been in the 50s or even 60s for a few days in a row and we have been outside all day every day. Since it was MLK day today, everyone's work schedules lined up for us to take a family zoo trip! Paxton was so excited to see the animals with all his aunts!

Porter's favorite was the hippo. 
Paxton's favorites were the golf carts and the vents in the aquarium...but he checked out some animals too. 
Both boys loved the aquarium. They looked at tanks of fish for so long. I think we need to make a trip to the Tulsa Aquarium. 
We had a blast being outside with all the aunts and seeing lots of animals even though most of OKC was there too. I think a zoo membership might be in our future. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Porter These Days

So since I have abandoned Porter's monthly updates, I decided to post about what he's up to at 20 months and a few weeks. 

He has changed so much in the past month and it has surprised me! He is turning into a little boy with his own personality, and honestly, it's completely hilarious. He is putting words together all the time and using some complete sentences. His favorites are "I'm a mess" when he has anything on his hands, face, the table in front of him...anywhere really; and "dis is mine?" and pointing to what he wants. It almost never is...
He has his own preferences and isn't afraid to share them. He and Paxton are already fighting over TV shows and what music we listen to in the car. He likes to pick out his own clothes and shoes and what he has for lunch. He knows almost all of his letters and busts in with the next number when Paxton counts. He loves to sing "Let It Go" which is adorable. He also sings and dances to "Shake It Off". 
He is an awesome sleeper. He got "big boy bedding" for Christmas and loves sleeping in his new "sheeps". Once he has his paci and his blankie, he falls asleep immediately and sleeps all night or for his full nap. 
He loves cars, especially fire trucks and likes to drive them around and make siren noises. He has started playing with figurines (Mickey) and makes them walk around which is pretty cute. He likes to play with Paxton which doesn't always end well since they always want to play with the exact same toy. 
Some other things he loves right now are "movees" (smoothies), "nuggles" (snuggles), and climbing everything he can. 

He is such a sweet little boy. He will always give hugs and kisses, sometimes without even being asked. He has started to show a little bit of that Miller temper, but he gets so upset if he gets in the smallest amount of trouble. He covers his little eyes and just sobs. He repeats everything we say and has started being able to answer questions (like "what is this dinosaur doing?" "He's sitting" or "what did you eat for breakfast?" "Ummm waffles") and he's always right. He steals everyone's drink, he wants to be held while I'm making dinner, he likes to take off the refrigerator magnets and throw them in the dog water, and he loves to destroy anything Paxton has built (train tracks, block towers...) and he makes the world's cutest face when asked what a cat says. 
He's perfect 


We have been back in Oklahoma for a few weeks now and we are having a blast! We have stayed really busy with unpacking, Jared's best friend's wedding, getting a nephew, Christmas and New Year's and...

...getting our fill of Braum's ice cream,
playing in a surprise snowstorm,
And spending lots of time with family!
Jared and I are loving being back by babysitters. We have already been to a dinner a few times, a movie, and shopping without kids. The boys are loving it too. If we haven't seen a family member in a few days, Paxton is begging to go to their house or to go to Braum's with them. I think the only thing he misses about Durham is the Science Museum. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Baby Brooks!

On Dec. 23rd Brooks Ryan Miller was born and the boys got their first cousin!

The boys were at Gramsy's house when he was born so they didn't get to meet him until the next day. Paxton was excited to go to the hospital and see the baby. Porter was not. Once we got to the room and Porter got his first glance at his new cousin, he decided maybe he was impressed. 
The boys had a blast holding him and pointing out all his tiny features...and running around the room like crazy people. 
We have been to visit two more times since then and they boys are fast friends. I think it will be so fun to watch them grow up together. I know it will make holidays way more fun for them to have a cousin so close to their ages. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Since we moved right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we didn't have a lot of time to do all the Christmassy stuff we usually do, but we still had a blast!

Paxton was a fan of decorating the tree this year and even repurposed some toilet paper to make it prettier. 
We had our annual Chrismtas jammies and Charlie Brown Chrismtas night complete with popcorn. 
Jared and I left the boys with a non-family babysitter for the first time and went to his work's ugly Chrismtas sweater party. 
We moved to Oklahoma and decorated our new house for Christmas!
Paxton helped me bake sugar cookies and then the boys decorated them for Family Cookie Night. 
We met at Gramsy's house and sampled everyone's cookies. 
Before we knew it, it was the day before Christmas Eve and we hadn't been to see Santa, so we got ready...
...and went to visit him at Northpark Mall. 
Then, since we were right by the hospital the boys got to meet their first cousin, Baby Brooks!!
They were both so sweet and they were excited!

Then it was Christmas Eve! We got ready and FINALLY took a picture of the boys in front of the tree. 
Then we had lunch at Grandpa Mark's house with some of Jared's family. Paxton and Uncle Mason played some football. 
Christmas Eve night we went to Aunt Jojo's house for snacks and Dirty Santa. 
The boys found a "cave" to hide in and Uncle Rich stole Porter's M&M's and Paxton's Twizzler's during Dirty Santa. Luckily Paxton stole a huge tub of popcorn so they were ok. 
Then it was time to go home, get Chrismtas jammies on and wait for Santa!
The boys were so excited about their new table and easel, but what they really couldn't wait another second for was opening presents!
Then Gramsy and the aunts came over for a late breakfast and we opened presents all day long between snacks. 
Since Brooks was born right before Christmas, Grandpa Mark and Granny V both pushed their Christmas celebrations back so Brooks could come. We had Grandpa Mark's Monday night so we could all watch the OU bowl game. 
Granny V's Christmas was a few days after New Year's. To say Porter enjoyed dinner (ham, green beans, rolls with honey butter and scalloped potatoes) would be an understatement. He ate for so long and kept requesting more and more ham. Finally, Papa was trying to clear the table after everyone had finished dessert and when he picked the tray of ham up, Porter grabbed for it and squealed at him! Papa gave him a few more pieces...
When Porter was finally full, it was time to open presents. 
Paxton and Porter opened most of theirs first and then took off to play while everyone else opened. Paxton got some light up cars that drive by themselves and they were the hit of the night. They also each got a pair of Nikes and now every day Porter asks to wear his "nah-keys". 
It was a great Christmas and we are glad to be back in OK. It was such a good feeling to tuck the boys into their own beds on Christmas Eve and have them wake up on Christmas morning at their own house. I think that alone sealed the deal for me about us being in the right place.