Monday, January 12, 2015

Porter These Days

So since I have abandoned Porter's monthly updates, I decided to post about what he's up to at 20 months and a few weeks. 

He has changed so much in the past month and it has surprised me! He is turning into a little boy with his own personality, and honestly, it's completely hilarious. He is putting words together all the time and using some complete sentences. His favorites are "I'm a mess" when he has anything on his hands, face, the table in front of him...anywhere really; and "dis is mine?" and pointing to what he wants. It almost never is...
He has his own preferences and isn't afraid to share them. He and Paxton are already fighting over TV shows and what music we listen to in the car. He likes to pick out his own clothes and shoes and what he has for lunch. He knows almost all of his letters and busts in with the next number when Paxton counts. He loves to sing "Let It Go" which is adorable. He also sings and dances to "Shake It Off". 
He is an awesome sleeper. He got "big boy bedding" for Christmas and loves sleeping in his new "sheeps". Once he has his paci and his blankie, he falls asleep immediately and sleeps all night or for his full nap. 
He loves cars, especially fire trucks and likes to drive them around and make siren noises. He has started playing with figurines (Mickey) and makes them walk around which is pretty cute. He likes to play with Paxton which doesn't always end well since they always want to play with the exact same toy. 
Some other things he loves right now are "movees" (smoothies), "nuggles" (snuggles), and climbing everything he can. 

He is such a sweet little boy. He will always give hugs and kisses, sometimes without even being asked. He has started to show a little bit of that Miller temper, but he gets so upset if he gets in the smallest amount of trouble. He covers his little eyes and just sobs. He repeats everything we say and has started being able to answer questions (like "what is this dinosaur doing?" "He's sitting" or "what did you eat for breakfast?" "Ummm waffles") and he's always right. He steals everyone's drink, he wants to be held while I'm making dinner, he likes to take off the refrigerator magnets and throw them in the dog water, and he loves to destroy anything Paxton has built (train tracks, block towers...) and he makes the world's cutest face when asked what a cat says. 
He's perfect 

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