Thursday, January 29, 2015


Paxton and I have been working on making letters for several months now, but he mostly just makes random lines while he says the letter. He has also been struggling to make a circle. For some reason, he had a breakthrough today!

We were drawing together on the chalkboard and I was showing him how to make different letters. Usually, he is distracted and doesn't pay very good attention, but today he was focused. When I told him how to make an M (up, down, up, down), it clicked. He made one immediately. Then I told him to make a circle, expecting him to make his awkward scribble he usually makes, but he made a perfect circle! We followed it with a second M and lots of celebrating when I told him he spelled MOM!
We went back to the chalkboard after lunch and he wrote MOM again and we worked on P for Paxton. Then he wanted to draw a person, so I drew one while he copied me. Again he had laser focus and actually tried. He ended up with a pretty decent looking stick man!
I think we might be finally turning the corner from the terrible threes. He is starting to cooperate more and he is enjoying learning new things. I'm so proud of my tiny big kid!!

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