Sunday, May 25, 2014

13 Months!

Well, we blinked and Porter turned 13 months old. He still seems so little to me and I can't wrap my head around the fact that he's classified as a toddler now. I'm holding on to baby status since he isn't walking yet. 
Porter is such a social baby. He is always turned around backwards in his high chair or the shopping cart waving at people and smiling and yelling "hi!" 
He has started talking a lot more in the last few days. He says bird, ball, and foot now. He can point to his nose and ear when asked. He shakes his head no all the time and likes to try to repeat what Paxton is saying. 
He is not close to walking. He is starting to cruise a little more and will go back and forth between the couch and coffee table but he flat-out refuses to let go. He won't stand on his own. As soon as we let go of his hands, he squats down. 
He loves climbing up the stairs, sliding, playing with cars and being read to. He is obsessed with Paxton and loves to follow him around and play with whatever he is playing with. Porter's new favorite toy is a little $1 microphone of Paxton's. He will even say "OU" into it. 
Porter is still sleeping great. Usually 8:30-8:30 with a possible morning nap if we're home, or a car snooze if we're out. He naps in the afternoon from about 12:30 to 4:00 most days. He refuses to eat any kind of veggie, Jared even gave him a bite of mashed potatoes and he wiped it off his tongue like he was offended. He is also not a huge fan of meat unless it's a cheeseburger or a turkey hot dog. He loves cheese, almost any fruit, pasta and blueberry muffins. He is very serious about his milk and will drink as much as we will give him each day. 
He is such a happy baby now. Jared and I talk about how easy he is almost every time we go somewhere. He is content to sit in shopping carts for as long as it takes without even a snack or toy. He is great at restaurants (except when he throws down any food that offends veggies). He lets us know when it's dinner time, but other than that he's just happy to do whatever we're doing. Even when he's sleepy, he will stay up and play as long as he can cuddle with his mommy a little bit. If he's not careful he's going to make us think we can handle a third baby before too long. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I knew Mother's Day this year would be a little different. Since we are 18 hours away from both of our moms and grandmas, we wouldn't have any plans. 

The boys both slept in until almost 10:00 which was amazing. Paxton immediately started talking about going downstairs and opening presents and eating cinnamon rolls and we couldn't argue with that. Jared made bacon and cinnamon rolls and I opened my sweet presents. 
Then Jared called Paxton over and handed him something behind the couch. Paxton's eyes lit up and he asked if he could bring it to me. Jared said he could and he came running over with a big plant. Jared had taken him to Home Depot to pick out a flower for me and Paxton had picked this plant. Throughout the day, he kept running over and grabbing it off the table and bringing it to me excitedly. It was so precious. 

After breakfast, the boys got their swimsuits on and went to play in the pool. 
They played until naptime. After naps, it was time for me to pick my Mother's Day restaurant choice. I hate picking restaurants and like to stick with tradition when I can so I picked McAlister's where we have celebrated two previous Mother's Days. The boys were not on their best behavior while we were there so I'm glad we didn't go anywhere fancier. 
But even when they are disasters, I am still so glad to be their mommy. 
We were sad to miss celebrating with our moms. A card and a phone call just aren't the same as a meal and a hug, but we are so thankful for them!