Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I knew Mother's Day this year would be a little different. Since we are 18 hours away from both of our moms and grandmas, we wouldn't have any plans. 

The boys both slept in until almost 10:00 which was amazing. Paxton immediately started talking about going downstairs and opening presents and eating cinnamon rolls and we couldn't argue with that. Jared made bacon and cinnamon rolls and I opened my sweet presents. 
Then Jared called Paxton over and handed him something behind the couch. Paxton's eyes lit up and he asked if he could bring it to me. Jared said he could and he came running over with a big plant. Jared had taken him to Home Depot to pick out a flower for me and Paxton had picked this plant. Throughout the day, he kept running over and grabbing it off the table and bringing it to me excitedly. It was so precious. 

After breakfast, the boys got their swimsuits on and went to play in the pool. 
They played until naptime. After naps, it was time for me to pick my Mother's Day restaurant choice. I hate picking restaurants and like to stick with tradition when I can so I picked McAlister's where we have celebrated two previous Mother's Days. The boys were not on their best behavior while we were there so I'm glad we didn't go anywhere fancier. 
But even when they are disasters, I am still so glad to be their mommy. 
We were sad to miss celebrating with our moms. A card and a phone call just aren't the same as a meal and a hug, but we are so thankful for them!

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