Tuesday, January 17, 2017

November in Review

Let's pretend it's the beginning of December and it makes sense to be posting about things that happened 3 months ago.

Paxton's class had 50s day complete with a Sock Hop. He was made for that decade.

He and Jared also got to go on a weekend camp out with Cub Scouts. They had a total blast and came home with way too many stories about spider hunts and animal poop.

These two paci-lovers and I stayed home and got lots of snuggles. Porter was sad that he didn't get to go camping so I tried to pack his weekend with fun things to keep him distracted from what he was missing.

We ate breakfast at Corner Bakery, he got a haircut and we visited Gramsy. We went to Chuck E Cheese and had pizza night with Teighynne and Mallory and the kids. He said he had as much fun as Paxton had.

Playing in the rain in pajamas is one of Porter's favorite things. He will change out of his clothes, put on boots and take his umbrella outside to splash in puddles. It's pretty cute.

Porter, Lincoln, Brooks and I all stood in our two-hour voting line to vote. Porter told everyone in line around us that one of the candidates was a bummer which was a little awkward. As we were watching the coverage, I realized that the last time we had done this, we had one little toddler and had to take a comparison picture. We talked about how the next election they will be 9, 7 and 4 and I almost cried. It goes so fast!

I got to go to Paxton's friendship feast at school and it was adorable. He asked to take a picture with his friend.

Jared surprised him at lunch at school for the Thanksgiving feast and they ate together.

Since their little tree lights from last year didn't work anymore, the P's got to pick out new lights for their trees. Paxton picked out blue and white LED lights and they were so bright that it looked like afternoon at all times.

Porter picked out multi-colored lights and considered his decorations to be new toys and broke about half of them.

We got a new fake tree this year since I was tired of sweeping up needles and Jared was tired of worrying about the tree dying before Christmas. Jared built a fire, we turned on Home Alone and all decorated it together.

Ryan and Tabatha came to town and we got to go to dinner downtown and then to see Transiberian Orchestra with them. Our seats were awesome and it was a fun night!

We went to the Omniplex with the cousins and saw the big tree they had.

And just like that, it was Thanksgiving! We started the morning with the parade and cinnamon rolls like every year.

Our first stop was Papaw's house with Jared's family. It was such a nice day, the boys spent most of it playing outside with their cousins!

Then it was time for Christmas at Gramsy's. It was really neat this year that there was a full kid's table.

After we ate, the kids all opened their first present of Christmas from Gramsy: matching Christmas jammies, a Christmas movie and hot chocolate! They all quickly changed into their jammies and headed off to play.

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