Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting Bigger

Paxton is growing up! He has mastered self-feeding with the spoon (minus the part where he loads the spoon on his maybe mastered isn't the right word...). It's a messy process...

But it makes him feel sooo big!

He also had his first pb&j. He was a big fan.

This past week has felt like summer. It has been 80 or 90 degrees every day so we've been spending tons of time outside. Paxton loves splashing in his water table.

And he's a big fan of his kiddie pool also.

He even figured out how to hold the side down and let water out. He usually follows that by playing in the mud he makes.

And sometimes he just chills and watches ants crawl by:

We end a lot of evenings with popsicles.

Paxton has figured out how to drink from this sippy cup without handles. We didn't think it would be an issue since he was feeding himself bottles without handles months ago...but we were still proud of him when he finally got it down.

He has also graduated to an actual toothbrush instead of a washcloth for dental hygiene. He was surprisingly very eager to try it.

On Friday Pax and I went to Petsmart and he loved it. He was enthralled by the fish. He also liked the birds and even the rodents...I think he could have stayed for hours.

Somebody else in the family is getting bigger too. Friday night was Aunt Bevynne's birthday celebration. She turned 18! We ate at Alfredo's and then headed to Gramsy's house for cake and presents.

Birthday girl:

And tonight, Paxton got to play with Granny V while my handsome husband and I went on a date.

I love the weekends!
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Baseball Game, a Lost Puppy and More

Jared won some pretty sweet Redhawks tickets in a contest and we got to go on Sunday. They were club level seats right behind home plate so we had a pretty awesome view.

We were excited to take Paxton to his first baseball game. As much as he loves throwing things, we're kind of expecting him to be an amazing pitcher in a few years...

He practiced his throwing during the game by throwing his Goldfish crackers at the unfortunate people below us.

It wasn't easy to keep him entertained without giving him things he could throw over the edge, so we decided to go to the grassy area where most little kids hang out.

That was much better because he could throw his toys and chase them and look around at the other kids (his two favorite activities).

The prize package also came with food vouchers so we may or may not have eaten an insane amount of ballpark food.

It was a fun family day, and it was all free! The weather was perfect and Paxton got to wear sunscreen (which I get a big kick out of because A) it means that he's big enough to be playing outside in the sun and B) I like knowing that his skin is my responsibility to protect).

Before we went to the game, we noticed that Scarlett had gotten out of the backyard. Boston was still back there, but Scarlett was gone. Jared drove everywhere looking for her but couldn't find her. When we got back from the game, we walked all over the neighborhood looking for her. We were so upset because we've had her for five years and she was like our kid before Pax. We took her on all our lake trips and went to the dog park a ton. I realized that she didn't have her tag with her name and our phone number. She did have her rabies tag with our vet's number but I wasn't sure how clearly you could read it, she had been wearing it for over a our vet is closed on Sunday's. I just knew whoever found her was going to keep her. We were so excited on Monday when we got a call from our vet that she was at the pound.

She looked at me with her love look the whole way home.

And a certain little boy was glad to have his puppy back.

He squealed "doggie!" as soon as he saw her at the pound and they have been inseparable ever since. She even slept in his room while he took a nap.

Today, we went to lapsit at the library. Paxton still isn't a huge fan, but I think it's important for him to be around other kids.

Afterwards, we went on a Mommy/son date to Dunkin Donuts.

Then we went to the mall to get my semiannual ring inspection and cleaning. Since Paxton was so good, we went to the playground at the mall to play.

He thought he was soooo big in the boat:

And of course he found a flat surface to drum on:

I thought he would be trying to climb all over everything, but he mostly just sat and looked around. Maybe if there had been other kids there that he could have watched and learned how to play it would have been more fun. But either way, I enjoy having one-on-one time with him and providing him with new experiences. He's a pretty cool kid.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kiddie Pool!

Granny V put a kiddie pool in Paxton's Easter basket, and we have been excited to use it. It was finally warm enough yesterday so we got it out.

We used a combination of hose water and warm water from the house since it was only about 80 degrees. I think it was still a little chilly, so he was unsure about it at first.

He quickly remembered that he likes to splash, so that's what he did.

Then he made this face:

It was also his first time to wear sunscreen.

He ended up soaking wet and had a great time.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet and Sour

Paxton is developing quite a little personality lately, and it's pretty funny to watch. Most of the time he's such a sweet and happy little guy.

He makes this face just to make me laugh:

He learned "give it to me" and now his favorite thing to do is to take my hand and put something in it. When I say thank you he looks so proud.

He has also learned how to put balls through his basketball hoop:

And then he discovered that balls aren't the only thing that fit:

So now all of his small toys go through over and over again.

He likes when Gramsy tickles him:

I love watching him push his cars around. His chubby little hands with the indented knuckles, his look of sheer concentration...I love it.

And it always ends like this:

He always drives the car right off the cliff.

His not-so-sweet toddler side is also coming out lately. He likes to be naughty. Like a few days ago when I left one of his drawers open just a crack. He reached in, took out a shirt...

And threw it.

I watched as he reached in over and over and took his clothes out and threw them. See the growing pile on the floor?

He has also started sticking his tongue out.

And when he decides he wants to go outside...

He means now.

I love watching all these changes happen and while I love when he's being sweet and playing nicely, I secretly get a big kick out of watching him when he knows he's being naughty. I know this will all change in the next few months when it stops being so innocent, but for now it's hilarious.

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