Monday, April 2, 2012

Post-birthday playing

My last several posts have been consumed with the details of our little baby turning one. Now that it's officially over, we have made the transition to toddlerhood, and we have some catching up to do.

Paxton had his one year check up the Friday before his party. He weighed 23 pounds and 8 ounces and was 31 inches tall. He was between the 50th and 75th percentile for height weight and head. His doctor doesn't give the specific percentile, just the range. Everything looked great. He got four shots, one in each arm and one in each leg. He didn't cry for the first leg shot, and he only cried a little for the second leg shot, but those arm shots must be intense. It took some juice and some Tylenol to calm him down and I could tell they were sore for awhile afterwards.

After his shots, we went downtown to eat with Daddy. He used to get ice cream after shots when he was little so he wanted to carry on the tradition with Pax.
Ice cream is a great cure for shots.

We started milk the day before his birthday because he wasn't drinking formula very well. Here's his first taste:

He does better with it than formula, but to get him to drink more than a few sips at a time we've been blending it with a banana. It worked really well the first few days, but it is once again a struggle to get him to drink the 20 ounces a day his pediatrician recommended. I definitely didn't think that would be an issue. We've been trying to load him up with as much calcium as we can to make up for it. He loves yogurt so that helps. Yesterday he drank about 12 ounces by bedtime and I was desperate. I warmed up some milk and put it in a bottle. Yep, I un-weaned him out of sheer desperation. He drank the eight ounces in about three minutes...and squealed and giggled when he saw the bottle.

Also right around Paxton's birthday, Jared sold his truck. He had put it on Craigslist a couple of times before after getting frustrated with the gas mileage, but nobody was interested. This time when he put it up, he had a call that day, the guy test drove it and bought it the next day. It happened so fast that we didn't even really have a back-up plan!

We ended up getting a Mercury Mariner Hybrid for me to drive and Jared is driving the Rav4. It also has a much bigger backseat with room for two carseats (this is not our way of making an announcement-no babies yet!) and a DVD player. It's much fancier than we're used to and we've had so much fun driving it around.
Paxton was super confused the first time we strapped him in the new car. He looked around like this for about five minutes:

Other than that, Paxton has been enjoying his new birthday toys.

Jared was proud when Paxton got his first truck from Aunt Maesynne:

He even let him park it in the garage so it wouldn't get any weather damage.

We've been playing outside a ton (like multiple times every day) and Paxton has finally decided that crawling on pavement is worth the pain.

He has been obsessed with his water table from Aunt Teighynne and Aunt Mal.

He even checks on it when I make him come inside.

He also likes riding in his new wagon from the Thompsons. I can't wait to take him to the zoo in it.

He's been throwing his Little People Zoo animals all over the house.

And pushing around his lawn mowers (yep he got two and loves them both).

He loves this bead toy from Aunt Bevynne:

And he has been trying out all his new outfits:

I was cleaning out from under Paxton's bed and dresser a few days ago and found this:

I think he might have a hoarding problem.

He looks out at the doggies every chance he gets and squeals "doggie" at them.

He starts out every meal like this:

And ends it like this:

(throwing everything he didn't eat)

And a few posts ago I said that he loves to play in the toilet, but at least he leaves the toilet paper alone. I clearly spoke too soon (and probably jinxed it).

He found his reflection in the mirror at the shoe store and he loved it. I caught him giving himself kisses at one point.

And he has literally been climbing the walls...

And one-handing his sippies...

And is still obsessed with my toes. He has done this ever since he could first crawl into the bathroom with me. I would be getting ready and he would play with my toes. I don't know what it is...but he always notices when they're a new color.

So now that we're all caught up, maybe I can go back to coherent, one-topic posts.

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