Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Boy

I think it's so funny how babies start exhibiting gender stereotypes without much outside influence. I have loved watching Paxton turn into a little boy. It was a different experience for me because I grew up with three little sisters so I would watch as they learned to hug their baby dolls and feed them bottles and cover them with blankets. Paxton is completely different. He doesn't sit quietly and play with toys, he throws things and chases them. He pulls up on the entertainment center and sweeps everything off. He moves from one thing to the next at lightning speed and leaves a trail of destruction.

He loves making noise. He screams in delight and squeals all the time. He likes toys that make noise and will activate them over and over again. His daddy taught him that banging on furniture makes some pretty good noise and he's hooked. He drums on the furniture constantly.

He pulls up on everything and is always in an upright position.

Fortunately, when he's sleepy his laid-back side comes out and he needs his mama to read him a story and put him in bed.

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