Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet and Sour

Paxton is developing quite a little personality lately, and it's pretty funny to watch. Most of the time he's such a sweet and happy little guy.

He makes this face just to make me laugh:

He learned "give it to me" and now his favorite thing to do is to take my hand and put something in it. When I say thank you he looks so proud.

He has also learned how to put balls through his basketball hoop:

And then he discovered that balls aren't the only thing that fit:

So now all of his small toys go through over and over again.

He likes when Gramsy tickles him:

I love watching him push his cars around. His chubby little hands with the indented knuckles, his look of sheer concentration...I love it.

And it always ends like this:

He always drives the car right off the cliff.

His not-so-sweet toddler side is also coming out lately. He likes to be naughty. Like a few days ago when I left one of his drawers open just a crack. He reached in, took out a shirt...

And threw it.

I watched as he reached in over and over and took his clothes out and threw them. See the growing pile on the floor?

He has also started sticking his tongue out.

And when he decides he wants to go outside...

He means now.

I love watching all these changes happen and while I love when he's being sweet and playing nicely, I secretly get a big kick out of watching him when he knows he's being naughty. I know this will all change in the next few months when it stops being so innocent, but for now it's hilarious.

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