Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting Bigger

Paxton is growing up! He has mastered self-feeding with the spoon (minus the part where he loads the spoon on his maybe mastered isn't the right word...). It's a messy process...

But it makes him feel sooo big!

He also had his first pb&j. He was a big fan.

This past week has felt like summer. It has been 80 or 90 degrees every day so we've been spending tons of time outside. Paxton loves splashing in his water table.

And he's a big fan of his kiddie pool also.

He even figured out how to hold the side down and let water out. He usually follows that by playing in the mud he makes.

And sometimes he just chills and watches ants crawl by:

We end a lot of evenings with popsicles.

Paxton has figured out how to drink from this sippy cup without handles. We didn't think it would be an issue since he was feeding himself bottles without handles months ago...but we were still proud of him when he finally got it down.

He has also graduated to an actual toothbrush instead of a washcloth for dental hygiene. He was surprisingly very eager to try it.

On Friday Pax and I went to Petsmart and he loved it. He was enthralled by the fish. He also liked the birds and even the rodents...I think he could have stayed for hours.

Somebody else in the family is getting bigger too. Friday night was Aunt Bevynne's birthday celebration. She turned 18! We ate at Alfredo's and then headed to Gramsy's house for cake and presents.

Birthday girl:

And tonight, Paxton got to play with Granny V while my handsome husband and I went on a date.

I love the weekends!
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  1. He is such a happy baby!! I love how eager he was to brush his teeth, and draining the kiddie pool was always my favorite part too. :)
    I can't believe he is so big!