Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lake Season

Since Jared's dad has a place out at Lake Tenkiller and a pretty sweet boat, we've been lucky enough to be frequent visitors for the past few summers. We didn't think Paxton was ready for the lake last summer since he was only a few months old, so he got to make the trip to the cabin but did not even come close to the water. This year, he's ready.

One of my friends told me that every mom has a certain nightmare about their baby...something they're just terrified will happen. I jokingly called it a mom-mare...that was before I had a kid. Now I have a mom-mare and it involves the lake...
Needless to say, Paxton will not even be going on the boat dock without being securely fastened into his life jacket. I am pretty relaxed with him...I know he needs to learn things on his own and make mistakes for himself, but this will be my over-protective side. So, the first thing I did to get him ready for his first trip out on the boat was research baby life jackets--how they should fit, what types are safest, and what features to look for. We ended up getting a great deal on one so we were ready to move forward.

The next thing we found was his hat:

And sandals:

And swim suits and a rash guard and broad spectrum baby sunscreen:

And then I found this swim suit that he was too little for last year...and this year it's awfully tight...I guess we missed the window on this one.

So now he's ready for his first trip out on the boat. I hope he likes it!

And apparently we need to pack him some Hot Tamales...because he loves these...he seriously ate four pieces today without flinching at how spicy they were...after that he found the box every time I hid it and tried to get more out. He's a fan like his mama.

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  1. I adore the first pic of him in his new hat!! He is just so precious! I can't wait until we can join you guys on the lake. Say, next summer? :)