Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

We started our Memorial Day weekend with a trip to Dallas to finally meet our best friends' new baby, Blakely. We left Saturday morning and stopped in Gainesville to give Paxton a break from the car.
He played in the grass with Daddy.

It was worth the drive when we got to see Blakely! She was perfect and beautiful! And it was neat to see Ryan and Tab as parents.

Paxton made a mess in their living room and spilled Ryan's tea all over the carpet.

Tab's mom and sister and niece, Holli were all there to visit. Paxton just loves Holli, and as soon as we sat him down next to her, he crawled over and gave her a kiss.

He was so good on the way there and on the way home. I know it was a long day for him, but he barely cried at all.

We spent Sunday doing some much-needed yard work...

while Paxton played in his water wonderland.

We went to a Thunder watch party/cookout in the evening and there were two other little boys there for Paxton to play with.
Paxton and Caleb:

(mom says they're not cousins but they're close enough for me)
All three boys were obsessed with throwing the balls:

Paxton had a blast.

All three boys:

This little boy,Caiden, was three months older than Paxton and he was hilarious. He kept walking up to each person and saying "bite" and getting some of their food. He also really liked giving Paxton hugs which was pretty precious. That's what's happening in this picture...he's not trying to drown him or anything:


Then when it started getting cooler, he dried off and changed into his Thunder shirt. These two boys are pretty cute together:

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