Sunday, May 20, 2012


Bevynne had her graduation ceremony yesterday morning. We decided to take Paxton with us against our better judgment because it was an important day for his aunt.

We tried to let him blow off some steam beforehand by letting him crawl around.

He kept taking off after people. And he got really dirty.

He was grumpy and over the whole thing before it even started. We had some snacks for him, but because he throws EVERYTHING, he couldn't really hold his juice cup or toys or anything...

We were letting him stand backwards in his chair while we waited for the ceremony to start, and a lady kept walking past where his head was. She had a long skirt on and it would brush his face when she walked past. At one point, he reached out, grabbed her skirt, and buried his face in it. I was mortified...but also cracking up. Jared said we were going to have to put him on the sex offender registry. I apologized to the lady and she said she didn't mind at all. Then instead of moving away, she just stood there and Paxton did it again!!

Jared finally had to take him out in the hall before it even started. They played out there and listened for a little while, but Jared ended up having to take Pax home for a nap. I felt better because when I went out to take the diaper bag to Jared, there were tons of toddlers between about age one and three outside with their parents. I guess that's just not a good age to sit still and be quiet.

Here is Bevynne getting her diploma!

YouTube Video

Walking back to her seat:

Hat throwing, my favorite part:

Bev and Mom afterwards:

That evening, Bevynne wanted to have a cookout and get a bunch of people together to play wiffle ball. Paxton loved it. He walked around with his push toy the whole time. He would walk clear out to the fence and then turn around and smile at us. He's so funny.

It was a fun family day celebrating Bevynne! We are so proud of her and can't wait to see where life takes her!

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