Thursday, May 17, 2012


There have been a few stages in Pax's life where it just seems like he's learning something new all the time. There have also been phases where it seems like he's pretty content to master the skills he has already developed. Right now, he's in a rapidly advancing stage.

On Mother's Day he said "mama" for the first time (very ironic and fitting--also the first time he associated "dada" with Jared was on Thanksgiving, crazy!). I don't think he was saying it to me, and I don't think he really even meant to say it, but it was still pretty special to hear. He has said it a ton since then, and sometimes he says it when he pulls up right next to me, so maybe he realizes what it means? I'm not sure but it melts my heart every single time. I always stop what I'm doing and get so excited and repeat it. He thinks it's funny.

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He has also started saying "ni ni". It's really funny cuz he says it in a super deep voice and it cracks us up. I have no idea what it means, but I like to tell myself it means night night...because wouldn't that be nice if he just told me when he was sleepy? If that's it then he must be sleepy a lot cuz he says it all day long.

Yesterday, we were playing in his room and he spotted his ball pit, crawled over and climbed right in. I watched in shock because he has never done that before. He will play in it if we put him in and he loves to get balls out of it, but he has never crawled in before.

He played in there for several minutes, then chased some balls out, and then climbed right back in! It was neat to watch. I love watching the way he plays progress as he gets older. He has a lot of the same toys, he just plays with them differently.

He was a little scared of his truck when he first got it for some reason, but yesterday he warmed up to it. He pushed it around the driveway for quite awhile.

He also kept putting toys in the bed and then standing on his tiptoes to get them out. I thought it was cute.

Pushing things around while he walks is probably his favorite thing right now. His push toys are used frequently, and he has been loving pushing around our chairs in the kitchen. Maybe he's gearing up to walk.

He also figured out how to open the back screen won't be long until he can just let himself outside. We should probably keep the door closed...

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And here's his newest trick:

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I am assuming he learned it from the baby hokey pokey that we sing at the library...he's obsessed with that song so we do it a lot.

He can also point to his tummy if we ask him where his tummy is.

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And since this turned into a video post, here's one that I just think is hilarious:

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He's such a little boy and just cracks up whenever Jared makes his trucks crash.

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  1. Dean is obsessed with the baby hokey pokey song!!! That's so cute that he likes it too!!