Friday, May 11, 2012

Life Lately

Paxton loves his daddy. It's so funny to watch them wrestle together and play rough (well kinda...he is still only 13 months old). It's definitely what I pictured when the ultrasound tech told us there was a "stem on the apple". Pax always thinks it's funny to try on daddy's hats.

I can't believe how much he has grown up lately and how much he's learning! I have been telling him a few of the animals and their sounds...not making a big deal of it, just adding it to how we play. Yesterday, he was holding his gorilla and I asked him what the monkey says. This is him telling me it says "oooh oooh"!

I thought it was so cool because I didn't realize he was really absorbing things or that he had the capability to make the sound on his own, not just by copying me.

We are still going outside several times a day. He has gotten to where he'll stand at the front door and bang on it and cry until we go outside. He plays with his water table a lot.

And since his main objective is to throw his toys all over the place and then chase them, and he hates crawling on concrete, he figured this out:

...the bear crawl. I love that he found a solution to his problem and he looks hilarious doing it.

We got a new grocery store in Edmond. It's a really cool place. It has tons of organic food and local products. It also has an amazing bakery, and lots of food you can buy prepared and eat there. I think we're way behind most places...Jared and I visited a store like this in Kansas City on our one-year anniversary and thought it was so neat. We went last night and just walked around in awe of all of the products. There were fruits I had never seen, a lobster tank full of live lobsters and crabs (which Paxton thought was pretty cool), and a ton of organic baby snacks. We're excited to go back.

Every morning when Paxton gets up, he talks like crazy. It seems like he's trying to catch us up on his dreams and everything that happened while we were apart. I love watching his facial expressions while he talks.

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