Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well, it looks like I only got a one-month break from these monthly bear pictures.  We're starting over this month with a new little boy and a new bear from Aunt Teighynne.
 At one month old, Porter is:

  • A little bit more difficult than Paxton was.  He likes to be held pretty much all the time...especially right after he eats.  In fact, he is so intent on being held upright against our chest while we pat his back that I called the doctor to see if it was possible that he had Reflux.  It doesn't seem like he does, so we are just enjoying the extra cuddles.

  •  Sleeping a little longer at night.  He usually eats between 9:00 and 10:00 and then sleeps for about four or four and a half hours.  Then for the rest of the night he only goes about three hours (same as during the day).After his early morning feeding he grunts a lot and kind of fusses....he usually ends up sleeping on my chest so we can both get a little more sleep.

  •  Consistently rolling over from stomach to back...he first did this at a week old and we thought it was a crazy fluke.  He has done it five times since apparently he can just roll over now.  He is also really good at holding his head up.

  • Eating about 3.75 ounces at each feeding.  I am exclusively pumping at this point after a rough case of mastitis followed immediately by a clogged duct.  He is a very aggressive eater.
  • Loving being swaddled at night.  He always tries to get his arms out but as soon as he is swaddled, he usually calms right down and falls asleep quickly.  We moved him from our bed into his bassinet when we got back from Dallas.  He is sleeping pretty well in there.
  • Still struggling with the baby acne and enjoying his pacifier.
Even though he is a more challenging baby than Paxton was, we are enjoying him.  He's a sweet little boy that just wants to cuddle every second of the day.  I am loving watching him with Paxton and can't wait until they can play together.  He is the perfect addition to our little family.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, Jared was off work so we put up our pool and worked on the yard a little bit. Then we headed to Mazzio's for our Family Friday lunch. After lunch, Jared had to get ready to leave for the lake for his brother's bachelor party. He was spending the night Friday night and was planning on being back Saturday.
After he left, the boys and I went to eat at Raising Cane's with my mom and sisters and then went to Target to find Paxton a Puddle Jumper for our pool. As we were walking past the toys, I grabbed him a Matchbox car firetruck. He wasn't interested. Instead he picked out this little Baby Belle...

Saturday morning we obviously had to have some Dunkin Donuts.

Then we spent the rest of the morning playing outside.

Jared ended up not getting back until almost midnight on Saturday, so the boys and I met my family at Wendy's for dinner and then we went on a walk around Mitch Park.
I was really glad to have Jared back on Sunday. My first overnight with both boys went pretty well, but after two bedtimes on my own, I needed a break! We had my family over for a cookout that night and we took turns playing with Pax in the pool.

Monday, we celebrated Porter's first Memorial Day.

Paxton got a hair cut and we had another cookout:

And then played in the pool some more. Paxton likes to be splashed and his favorite game right now is to have someone throw the ball so that it lands right in front of him and splashes his face. He yells Cherry Bomb! Jared was playing with him and Cherry Bomb got a little intense:

He still had a great time.

We ended the night by giving the boys their first bath together. Paxton wasn't sure what to think.

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Blakely is One!

Last weekend we headed down to Texas for Blakely's first birthday. Everyone thought we were crazy to make a 3-hour trip with a 3 week old baby, but we couldn't miss Blakely's birthday and Porter goes to sleep as soon as he's in his car seat so we weren't worried about him. We were a little nervous about how Paxton would do since he likes to be able to move.

Forty-five minutes in and he was still happy with his toys and milk:

We have a DVD player in our car and we were prepared with some Mickey DVD's, but we wanted to wait as long as possible to break that out because we knew after that Mickey would be on for the rest of the trip.

We made it to Gainesville right in time for Porter to eat and Paxton was ready to get out. Jared took Paxton to the playground at the outlet mall while I fed Porter. We walked around a little and then hit the road. Both boys did great the whole way there.

We made it to the hotel in time for Pax's nap and were able to set up his pack and play in the bathroom so he could have a dark, quiet spot for his nap.

It was Porter's first time to stay in a hotel outside the womb!

When Pax woke up, we headed to Blakely's party. She had a bounce house and Paxton was in love.

He was in there the whole time and even mastered climbing the steep steps to the seven foot slide and going down all by himself.

Pax and Blakely (just seconds after Pax stole a kiss):

Even though it was hot outside, Paxton got mad every time we tried to take him in to cool off or make him stop playing to get a drink or some food.

He just wanted to drive Holli around:

Once most of the guests had left, Paxton got to ride in Blakely's new wagon with both of the cousins. This picture cracks me up because both girls were taking turns grabbing Pax's hair and he wasn't happy. He doesn't know he's lucky to have two adorable girls fighting over him.

We left the next day after lunch, hoping that if we were in the car for Pax's nap time, he would sleep. He didn't. When it was time for Porter to eat, we happened to be close to Ardmore which is one of the bigger towns on the way back. We stopped at a Petco to let Pax run around.

He loved it. It was like an air conditioned zoo.

We got to Norman right as the tornados were getting close to Edmond. All of our parents were calling and texting us not to come to Edmond. We decided to keep driving and hope that it passed Edmond by the time we were getting there, and if it hadn't we could go out to Jared's dad's house. We were listening to the weather on the radio as we drove in and as we were driving through OKC, the tornado was touching down just a half mile from our house. We were so glad we weren't there. As we drove into Edmond, we could see all the branches and signs that were down but nothing looked too bad. Our neighbor's chain link fence had blown down, but our house was fine. We were thankful that it missed us and that Scarlett was safe at home.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Little P's

For some reason both of my boys love to have their hands in their faces as newborns. In fact, We had to re-do our 3D ultrasound with Pax because his arm was blocking his face. I love this little comparison of the two of them as newborns covering their faces:

(Pax is on top, Porter is on the bottom)
Porter has finally started taking some of his naps without being held!

We got out the play mat that Aunt Teig and Aunt Mal got Porter. He might be too little for it still:

But Paxton liked driving his trucks on it:

And it put Porter in a perfect position for big brother kisses:

I just love these two so much!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Hospital Stay

The hospital stays after a baby is born are always a blur, so I wanted to document the time we spent in our little bubble before returning to the real world. After his birth story post, we left off with him being in my arms immediately after birth:

After we were both cleaned up, my family got to come in. They ended up being the only ones able to stay the whole time since it was a 13 hour labor...

Gramsy got to hold Porter first:

Then Aunt Teighynne:

Aunt Maesynne:

Aunt Bevynne:

Aunt Mal:

After everyone left, we thought we would finally be able to get some sleep, especially after our rough night the night before. Well, when you have a baby at 10:30, his bath happens at 1:00 a.m. followed by his initial tests. Then a little later, I got all my I.V.'s taken out and was helped out of bed for the first time since my epidural. Then at 4:00 a.m. the nurse came in to move us to our recovery room. We had to get up and pack all of our stuff and move to the other wing of the hospital at 4:00...we weren't that excited.

At about 6:30 that morning, I gave up on sleeping as my doctor and Porter's doctor stopped by. I spent those early hours just studying our newest little miracle.

And Daddy got to do his first diaper change with Porter.

That morning I was really excited for Paxton to come meet his brother:

Granny V also got to come:

And Grandpa Mark:

And Uncle Josh (who had been keeping Pax):

And a little later, Granny V came back with Aunt Maddy. Maddy loves her nephews a lot. She has always been so sweet with Paxton and she has always been able to make him laugh. She was really sweet with Porter too:

She gave him lots of kisses:

We remembered that our second night was pretty rough with Pax and the nurse confirmed that most babies were that way. Porter was awake more the second night than the first night, but we quickly found out that he loves to be snuggled, and if he was being held he slept great. We did what worked for sleep that night (especially after the huge hail storm that pelted Jared's car).

We knew we would be leaving the next morning, so nobody stopped by. We spent the morning enjoying one last hospital breakfast, getting Porter's hearing test, visiting with the lactation consultant, newborn photos and packing everything in the room that wasn't nailed down. By the time we finished all that, it was time for lunch so we took our time and had some hospital lunch too. Porter got some snuggles with Daddy:

And we loaded him up and headed home.

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