Friday, May 10, 2013

Porter's First Two Weeks

I haven't been very good at blogging these past two weeks, mostly because we haven't done a lot. We have mostly been hanging out at home and adjusting to being a family of four.

Here are some of our picture-worthy moments:

Mommy, Daddy and Porter:

First family of four picture:

Snuggling with Daddy right before we left the hospital:

Coming home!

Both boys in the MamaRoo their first day home (Pax on the left and Porter on the right):

Porter's first bath at home:

Hammock nap with Daddy:

First night at home in his bassinet:

Paxton likes to watch (and poke) Porter while he's in his crib. Crib naps are a rarity.

In between lots of naps....

...Porter had his first check-up with Dr. Campbell at five days old. He was back up to 7 pounds 9 ounces after getting down to 7 pounds 6 ounces at the hospital.

Jared took some newborn photos:

And during them, Porter rolled over!

YouTube Video

I know it was a crazy fluke and I won't brag about how my kid is a prodigy, but it was cool that Jared caught it on camera.

Our besties, the Thompson's, came up from Texas. Paxton was excited to see Blakely.

And Blakely was excited to see Porter ( or maybe a little scared of him):

Then on Friday night, when Porter was eight days old, we loaded both boys in the car for the first time:

And took off for our first family outing:

We went to the Arts Festival and walked around for about an hour and ate dinner. Porter slept in the wrap the whole time.

We celebrated Granny's 79th birthday and she got to meet Porter for the first time. (Check out the Paxton photo bomb in the top left corner)

Porter had his two-week check-up on Tuesday and has officially hit eight pounds.

And yesterday Porter joined me for my two-week check-up. He slept almost the whole time and only fussed a little.

Overall he's a pretty easy baby and that is making our transition a lot easier. Things are good!

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