Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blakely is One!

Last weekend we headed down to Texas for Blakely's first birthday. Everyone thought we were crazy to make a 3-hour trip with a 3 week old baby, but we couldn't miss Blakely's birthday and Porter goes to sleep as soon as he's in his car seat so we weren't worried about him. We were a little nervous about how Paxton would do since he likes to be able to move.

Forty-five minutes in and he was still happy with his toys and milk:

We have a DVD player in our car and we were prepared with some Mickey DVD's, but we wanted to wait as long as possible to break that out because we knew after that Mickey would be on for the rest of the trip.

We made it to Gainesville right in time for Porter to eat and Paxton was ready to get out. Jared took Paxton to the playground at the outlet mall while I fed Porter. We walked around a little and then hit the road. Both boys did great the whole way there.

We made it to the hotel in time for Pax's nap and were able to set up his pack and play in the bathroom so he could have a dark, quiet spot for his nap.

It was Porter's first time to stay in a hotel outside the womb!

When Pax woke up, we headed to Blakely's party. She had a bounce house and Paxton was in love.

He was in there the whole time and even mastered climbing the steep steps to the seven foot slide and going down all by himself.

Pax and Blakely (just seconds after Pax stole a kiss):

Even though it was hot outside, Paxton got mad every time we tried to take him in to cool off or make him stop playing to get a drink or some food.

He just wanted to drive Holli around:

Once most of the guests had left, Paxton got to ride in Blakely's new wagon with both of the cousins. This picture cracks me up because both girls were taking turns grabbing Pax's hair and he wasn't happy. He doesn't know he's lucky to have two adorable girls fighting over him.

We left the next day after lunch, hoping that if we were in the car for Pax's nap time, he would sleep. He didn't. When it was time for Porter to eat, we happened to be close to Ardmore which is one of the bigger towns on the way back. We stopped at a Petco to let Pax run around.

He loved it. It was like an air conditioned zoo.

We got to Norman right as the tornados were getting close to Edmond. All of our parents were calling and texting us not to come to Edmond. We decided to keep driving and hope that it passed Edmond by the time we were getting there, and if it hadn't we could go out to Jared's dad's house. We were listening to the weather on the radio as we drove in and as we were driving through OKC, the tornado was touching down just a half mile from our house. We were so glad we weren't there. As we drove into Edmond, we could see all the branches and signs that were down but nothing looked too bad. Our neighbor's chain link fence had blown down, but our house was fine. We were thankful that it missed us and that Scarlett was safe at home.

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