Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, Jared was off work so we put up our pool and worked on the yard a little bit. Then we headed to Mazzio's for our Family Friday lunch. After lunch, Jared had to get ready to leave for the lake for his brother's bachelor party. He was spending the night Friday night and was planning on being back Saturday.
After he left, the boys and I went to eat at Raising Cane's with my mom and sisters and then went to Target to find Paxton a Puddle Jumper for our pool. As we were walking past the toys, I grabbed him a Matchbox car firetruck. He wasn't interested. Instead he picked out this little Baby Belle...

Saturday morning we obviously had to have some Dunkin Donuts.

Then we spent the rest of the morning playing outside.

Jared ended up not getting back until almost midnight on Saturday, so the boys and I met my family at Wendy's for dinner and then we went on a walk around Mitch Park.
I was really glad to have Jared back on Sunday. My first overnight with both boys went pretty well, but after two bedtimes on my own, I needed a break! We had my family over for a cookout that night and we took turns playing with Pax in the pool.

Monday, we celebrated Porter's first Memorial Day.

Paxton got a hair cut and we had another cookout:

And then played in the pool some more. Paxton likes to be splashed and his favorite game right now is to have someone throw the ball so that it lands right in front of him and splashes his face. He yells Cherry Bomb! Jared was playing with him and Cherry Bomb got a little intense:

He still had a great time.

We ended the night by giving the boys their first bath together. Paxton wasn't sure what to think.

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