Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well, it looks like I only got a one-month break from these monthly bear pictures.  We're starting over this month with a new little boy and a new bear from Aunt Teighynne.
 At one month old, Porter is:

  • A little bit more difficult than Paxton was.  He likes to be held pretty much all the time...especially right after he eats.  In fact, he is so intent on being held upright against our chest while we pat his back that I called the doctor to see if it was possible that he had Reflux.  It doesn't seem like he does, so we are just enjoying the extra cuddles.

  •  Sleeping a little longer at night.  He usually eats between 9:00 and 10:00 and then sleeps for about four or four and a half hours.  Then for the rest of the night he only goes about three hours (same as during the day).After his early morning feeding he grunts a lot and kind of fusses....he usually ends up sleeping on my chest so we can both get a little more sleep.

  •  Consistently rolling over from stomach to back...he first did this at a week old and we thought it was a crazy fluke.  He has done it five times since apparently he can just roll over now.  He is also really good at holding his head up.

  • Eating about 3.75 ounces at each feeding.  I am exclusively pumping at this point after a rough case of mastitis followed immediately by a clogged duct.  He is a very aggressive eater.
  • Loving being swaddled at night.  He always tries to get his arms out but as soon as he is swaddled, he usually calms right down and falls asleep quickly.  We moved him from our bed into his bassinet when we got back from Dallas.  He is sleeping pretty well in there.
  • Still struggling with the baby acne and enjoying his pacifier.
Even though he is a more challenging baby than Paxton was, we are enjoying him.  He's a sweet little boy that just wants to cuddle every second of the day.  I am loving watching him with Paxton and can't wait until they can play together.  He is the perfect addition to our little family.  

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