Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I was excited for Mother's Day this year because it was my first year as a mom to two!

I woke up to Dunkin Donuts and lots of presents from my boys. I love this homemade card Jared helped the boys make. Porter even dumped some of the glitter.

I also got a sweet necklace with the March and April birthstones and a bird bath!

Jared took me to lunch at McAlister's since I had been craving some sweet tea.

After nap time, we stopped by Granny's house to see Granny V and drop off her present. Then we went to eat at Johnnie's with Gramsy and the aunts.

And this little guy took some great car seat naps.

I really appreciate Jared for always making me feel so special on Mother's Day and getting me the sweetest presents. He does it all even though it isn't a holiday for him to celebrate me! He knows how much homemade stuff means to me, but he also knows I might like some material gifts. He's a good one.

We're lucky to have such amazing moms to share the day with too! They both made big sacrifices to give us everything we needed and we always felt loved.

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