Monday, June 3, 2013


This series of pictures is exactly what I pictured when I tried to imagine Paxton as a big brother before Porter was born. They aren't anything fancy...just iPhone pictures on our living room rug with Pax in his pajamas and Porter in a too-small onesie but they capture exactly how Paxton feels about Porter. He is crazy about his brother and never misses a chance to give him a kiss. After each kiss he always says his version of "you're such a good brother" (which is really "da da da da dada".

I hope he always feels this way about his little brother and that as Porter grows up he loves Paxton just as much. I was so excited for Paxton when I found out Porter was a boy because I wanted them to have a special relationship. I want Paxton to always protect Porter and for Porter to want to be just like Paxton. I want them to always rely on each other.

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