Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We started our Easter celebration on Saturday afternoon with some egg dying. Paxton was excited to sit at the table with us for about three minutes...then he was done.

They turned out pretty even without him.

I made some Easter cupcakes too:

I really like Easter because of the colors. The bright pastels are so pretty!

Then, this morning, Paxton got his first Easter basket. We decided not to do one last year because he was only a few weeks old. He was pretty excited.

We put M&M's in his eggs because that's the only candy we could think of that he could have. He loved them.

He rattled them nonstop and wanted nothing to do with the rest of his treats.

He tried to take a rehydration break with some juice from his bunny cup, but he hasn't mastered the straw yet.

He also really liked throwing his eggs.

After he had a little nap, we got our Easter outfits on for some family pictures.

And some of our little guy:

We had a busy day making the rounds to spend time with our families but we loved it. We're glad to have everyone so close so we can spend time with them.

And I'm already getting excited for next year when he can actually hunt for eggs! I've already got some good spots scoped out.

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