Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Sunday

Porter woke up from his nap before Paxton and was on a comedic roll. 

He was yelling for me to come get him. When Paxton wants something, we are working on having him ask nicely so he will demand it, then we'll say "ask nicely" and Pax will say "Ask nicely. Can I have some milk please?" So Porter is yelling "Mommy, OUT!" Then he pauses and yells "Ask nicely! Mommy I want out please!"

Once he was up, he was running around like a crazy man and then suddenly he stopped and was still so I asked him "you okay bro?" He said "No, I stuck" then he wiggled his booty and yelled "BLAST OFF!" And took off running. 

Jared was playing his xbox game and Porter was watching him. Even though the guy looks nothing like Batman, Pprter thought it was so he was narrating the game and calling the guy Batman. He would say "oh no! Batman fall down", "whoa Batman!", "Batman running". It was hilarious. 

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