Friday, February 22, 2013


Well it's here...the last monthly update. One month from today Paxton will be two. These past 23 months really have flown by and I can definitely see what parents mean when they say they blinked and their baby was six.

At 23 months, Paxton:

-is finally starting to add more words to his vocabulary. A lot of things are still "dada" or "da" with different inflections, but in the past few days he has added several words that are not variations of dada. He has started saying apple, ice cream, orange, and light on. We went and played with my college roommate and her little girl and Paxton can say her name, Addi, now too. It's funny because Jared and I are going to the awards ceremony for his work this weekend which is called the Addy's so every time we talk about it, Paxton gets excited and says Addi.

-knows a ton of animal sounds. He knows dog, cat, horse, cow, pig, sheep, sometimes goat, frog, fish, bird, lion, duck, monkey, and monster (not really an animal but close). He also will sniff when he sees a flower, and vroom for cars and trucks. Instead of saying the words for things, a lot of times he makes the sound. Like in the mornings, when he wants me to let Scarlett out, he will make his dog noise and point at the door. When he hears a car, he points at the window and says Vroom. And when he hears a bird, he says tweet tweet tweet. He has also started to try to have conversations with phrases he knows.

-is climbing everything. He climbs on top of the heater in his room, his table, his chairs, kitchen chairs, the little rocks lining the flower garden, diaper boxes...everything. For some crazy and wonderful reason, he hasn't tried to climb out of his crib yet, so we are savoring his moments in there.

-loves bubbles, Scarlett, wrestling and dancing with Daddy, books, cars and balls, playing outside, and Mickey. If we say the word "park" and don't take him, he throws a fit. He loves turning the lights on and off. He likes to climb up on the ottoman and then slide off...we probably need to get him a slide. He likes to jump on his bed and on the couch.

-hates high chairs, his car seat, the shopping cart and diaper changes. He does really well in boosters, so we usually use those.

-is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy. He has grown a lot in the last month and has slimmed down. He has a mouth-full of teeth which still surprises me sometimes when he smiles.

-loves playing the Fisher Price piano ap on my iPad. He has learned green and yellow from asking me what color the keys are.

-wears mostly 2T clothes. He was still wearing 24 month pants because 2Ts were too long, but I noticed today that most of his pants are too short. He is still in size 6 shoes and size 5 diapers.

-can feed himself with a spoon or fork and will blow on his own food if it's hot. He loves to "dip dip dip" things and will eat almost anything dipped in ketchup or mustard.

-says "here we go" every time we pull out of the garage and then says "we're hooooome" when he sees the house.

-is really starting to make his preferences known. He will ask for specific food, he tells us when he's ready to go night night, he points to certain toys to play with in his car seat, he will grab us by the legs and direct us towards his room when he wants us to play with him. He's turning into such a little boy!

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