Friday, February 8, 2013

Officially a Toddler Mom

So I'm in that awkward phase of parenting where there is really no convenient time to take a shower. Since I have to go out in public and interact with humanity, I need to squeeze it in I usually try to take super quick showers while Paxton is confined to his room. I used to put him in his crib with tons of toys, but he immediately throws the toys out and then screams the whole time, so since we were pretty confident his room was baby-proofed, I have been leaving him in there.

Yesterday, I took a quick shower and when I got out, I could hear him in his room singing Jingle Bells so I knew he was fine. I got dressed and went in to check on him. After my initial scan, I didn't see I looked again, my heart dropped. My toddler was Sitting. On. The. Changing. Table.

I know I have a pretty solid case of pregnancy brain, but I remember very clearly setting him on the ground after I changed his last diaper. I knew I didn't leave him up there. I put him down, told him he wasn't allowed to climb up there, distracted him with a truck and ran across the hall to get my shoes on since we were about to leave. I was literally gone for about 23 seconds, and when I came back, I found this:

He was back up there! In 23 seconds! So not only can he scale the tallest piece of furniture in his room, he can do it at super speed and he thinks it's funny.

I obviously had to encourage him to do it one more time so I could see exactly how he was doing it. I took a video....

YouTube Video

So, obviously things are moved around now and there are no short pieces of furniture next to tall pieces of furniture, but I still feel a tiny bit of anxiety every time I go to check on him...I never know what I'll find him on top of.

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