Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few New Things

Since Paxton eats everything without any kind of reaction (with the exception of a few hilarious yet terrible expressions after his first pea attempt), we decided to go ahead and start him on some fruits before he sampled all the vegetables. His first fruit experience was on Friday (October 7th), he tried peaches since I've heard that's the fruit most likely to be disliked. Paxton ate them like he eats everything else. Since then, he has also tried apples. Same thing.

I know I should be grateful that I have a non-picky eater, but where's the excitement? He hasn't LOVED any foods. He just eats all of it. I am glad that he eats everything...I would hate if he took a few bites and hated it and the container was wasted, but where are the huge smiles at the delightfully sweet taste of apples? Nowhere! I'm sure once he hits his toddler years his preferences will make themselves known and I will look back on his days of non-discriminatory eating nostalgically.

He has also started playing with Puffs. Most parents would probably use the word "eat" in this circumstance, but not us. I think the pieces are too small for him to pick up because he would definitely eat them if he could...he eats feet for pete's sake! But we mainly just got them to keep him busy at restaurants. He thinks sitting in a high chair means it's time to eat, and if he doesn't get to, he needs to be entertained. Chasing these around achieves that.

He is also getting his next tooth. He has been a little fussier than usual, so it should be in soon...

Paxton has started to show some hoarding tendencies. He loves chasing these little guys around and getting them in his arms. Then he just stares at them until one rolls away:

His sense of humor has also blossomed lately. He laughs like crazy at everything. Sunday night, he was in his jumperoo and he would just look at me and crack up. Obviously I was laughing back because that sweet giggle gets me every single time. He's very ticklish and even laughs in anticipation of being tickled (his daddy is the best tickler).

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  1. Caitlynne - he is just precious! I think he has the best smile ever and I'm still laughing at the comment about him eating feet! Love reading ya'll blog...thanks for sharing!