Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Parks in Three Days

So as I was looking through my phone camera roll today, I realized that the boys and I had hit up three different parks in three days (really two days-Saturday and Monday) and thought that needed to be documented. We have good parks here!

Saturday while Jared was at his football game, the boys and I went to Duke Park to play. 
(I love how Porter is looking at his big bro in this one)
We had a great time, and even better-nobody cried when we left!

On Monday while Paxton was at preschool, Porter and I went to the Forest Hills park. He is so outgoing when he's by himself and made lots of friends for me to talk to. And he found a big stick. 
After Paxton got out of school, we met some friends at the science museum but it was closed so we headed next door to the park instead. Paxton and Nate had a blast together trying to play catch...
And Porter and Noah got covered in sand. 
The weather is perfect for parks right now and both boys are at an age where they love the park. It is quite a feat to keep an eye on both of them now that Porter is running around, but they love it so much that we make it work. 

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