Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun!

This was the first year that Paxton really got excited about Halloween. He told everyone that he was going to be Mickey Mouse and Porter was going to be Donald Duck all through October. He also told people that Mommy was going to be Minnie and Daddy was going to be Daisy and Scarlett was going to be Pluto. Jared kept trying to convince him that Daddy would be better as Goofy but Paxton wasn't having it. We went to a trunk or treat at the church by our house the weekend before Halloween so Paxton knew that he was going to put on his costume and get candy. It was all he talked about all week. Finally Friday was here!

I made him a jack o lantern face waffle. He was excited. Before long my festive breakfasts are going to have to get more realistic or he's not going to buy it. 
After breakfast, the boys got their matching shirts from Gramsy on and watched the Great Pumpkin (that Granny V sent). Then I tried to take some Halloween pictures on the porch...
They were more interested in pointing out their pumpkins that they decorated and running around the yard. 
Poor Porter has a fat lip from falling down at the pumpkin patch on Thursday. 
After pictures, we loaded up and headed to IHOP for scary face pancakes. 
After naps and a quick pizza dinner, it was time for costumes and trick or treating! Paxton got his nose painted black (for some reason he thought I was going to take his nose off and he kept saying "Mommy, please don't take my nose off" but once he saw it, he was obsessed. When Jared got home he ran up to him and said "Look at my nose! It's black like Mickey's!" He had rubbed it off after about five minutes. 
The boys had an absolute blast trick or treating. We probably did five blocks and they were not ready to stop. We put Porter in the wagon between houses and one time Jared left him in the wagon with me and took Paxton up to the house. As soon as Jared started walking away, Porter stood up in the wagon, grabbed his bucket and yelled "OUT! OUT!" Paxton refused to say "trick or treat" until he was walking off each time, then he would turn around and yell "Oh! Trick or treat!" over his shoulder. Porter didn't care about the candy, he just liked carrying his bucket around so he would walk up to the house and then just walk around their porch while Paxton trick or treated. Needless to say, we had our hands full. 
It was our favorite Halloween so far. Both boys had so much fun (and we did too). 

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