Friday, November 14, 2014

A Fun Friday

Last Friday was day 2 of Jared's 5-day trip to Oklahoma and the boys and I were already stir-crazy. I asked Paxton if he wanted to go to the park or the science museum and he picked the science museum. 

Since it's starting to cool off here, we wanted to take advantage of the outside parts as much as we could so we looked at the farm animals, and then went to Paxton's favorite outdoor exhibit, the lead conveyer belt. 
We also checked out the sailboats. 
By then, it was time for lunch. After naps, the boys and I met our friends Kristine, Noah and Nate at Pullen Park to celebrate Nate's fourth birthday. 
Paxton hopped up next to Nate on the train so we let them ride together. They thought they were so big. 
Then we did the boats. 

And then the merry-go-round. We rode this last time we came and Paxton rode a horse. The horse went up and down and the carousel spins really fast so he hated it. This time we opted for the stability of the bench. 
It was much better. 
Hey, everybody look somewhere besides the camera!
Porter and Noah are only about a week apart and are both awesome talkers. 
We had a blast. As it started getting dark, it also started getting cold so we headed to Paxton's favorite restaurant for dinner.
We wrapped the night up by all snugging in bed together in our pajamas with popcorn while we watched Frozen. It was a pretty awesome Friday. 

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